The Day Light called upon Light.


Over a year ago I had a dream where Heaven gave an announcement, through that announcement all of humanity joined their hearts and in unison sang a song of love to the creator.
I could feel every single heart all filled with tremendous love and it was then when reality changed and humanity embraced the New Earth.
What I was a witness of today gave me the same feeling but instead of humans I could feel all the angels of heaven and the love of Father and Mother and their hearts being raised to the one above, to the true source of Light of Light.

This all happened as I was driving home and I asked the question Dear God what is happening today?
I asked such a question because today all day I was feeling sluggish and although I managed to get some cleaning and cooking done eventually I succumb to the sleepiness and took my first nap in a very long time. I was completely out of my body and remember having a conversation with someone and when I woke up feeling still sleepy I felt a sense of serenity and peace.

All the beings of heaven and heaven itself is calling for light of light, light of lights is being summoned to bless us all and to bless the All.
It started around 10pm California time with the Invocation of light .

Invocation of the New Light
Great Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother join us in our call forth and the blessings from the Father of Fathers. Let the light of the Sun of suns, the source of light of lights.
Shine forth and bring down into our existence the raising of the frequency of the light.
Overlight us with the over tones of the renewed spirit, with the renewed spark of existence within all of our being ness from heaven down to every layer of creation.
From the unified source of light into the unified source of love let this forces bathe us, bathe the All.
May the growth of the father and mother trickle down to existence to herald the birth of the new time, and the beginning of the new era of existence in the New and renewed Creation.
With our hearts unified We give you our deepest humble gratitude oh Sun of Suns, Love of Love.
Adann se te Ra E’ Ki la Cha na ata lah sah am Icha.

(Heaven is roaring with prayers and wings raised to celestial realms above heaven itself. )

Streaming forth and going through barriers into creation The Grand Creator is bestowing his blessing to welcome us all into the new existence and into the new light now more active and which is now being anchored into Mother /earth and into every human willing to receive and willing to be an anchor.
Create with your intention a sacred space and anchor as a vortex of divine holy codes now presented to creation for the first time in the history of this Creation.
Mother God and Father God are in great celebration receiving their merits for a successful creation ready now to accept the new templates, the new codes of the new light as it is being activated.

” I can feel a tremendous sense of strength and total bliss as I hear Heaven calling forth the light of light, it is a thunderous event. It is as if an entire army is ready to celebrate its victory and a battle lovingly won. My heart is singing in unison with their clarion call, my essence raised as if to join with their wings and meet the new light. As I’m typing my body can hardly keep up as my consciousness is fully there celebrating with Heaven this magnificent moment taking place now!”

Dear Family of light may your hearts be filled with the New Light and may this new era provide you all with love and blessings in your path and in this new beginning.

Much Love to you All,


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