Message of love and good tidings!

Greetings beloved I come to you with the love of the all and I speak to you heart to heart.
I am here to bestow a message of love upon all that wish to listen.
It is a great blessing being offered now.

In July 25th a great event will take place in the ethers.
A wonderful chain of events will grab hold and bring forth from the higher spheres a transformational and transmutational energy.

Heaven will step down its energy and bless Mother Earth and humanity with a divine dispensation that will echo through eternity.
The Elohim, The angles from all spheres will raise their wings and in unison will chant praise to the most high for the absolute blessings brought down to help in the ascension of humanity and your beloved Mother.
It is a tremendous task embraced by the great white brotherhood of love and light and through their pleas all of heaven has now answered.
All beings of the light through the infinite universe are now and specially on the earth time of the 25th of July infusing with their light. This infusion will increase 10 fold and all in earth will become aware and your hearts shall rejoice.
Light is taking its divine right in the hearts of all humans.
No more shall darkness dictate the direction in which humanity heads but now it is up to humanity to embrace light through the original dispensation of true divine free will.

Humans arise and take your place at the helm of your existence And move forth in your power as beings of the light embraced by the pure love of our divine creator.

Light is now prevalent in every corner of the planet in spite of all that is happening as it is all a liberation of the hearts of all and the spirit of freedom and liberty are free to awaken the hearts of everyone that has felt suppressed.
14 days on from the 25th of July a great rebirth is taking place in and around Mother Earth.

In conjunction with the new energies brought by the blue comet a new light, a new template of existence is being birthed and love is the grand awakening.
Darkness is officially removed on that day from around the earth no more shall that cloud pollute and sully Mother’s beautiful spark.

It is now time for your mother to put on her gown of light, the greatest dance and banquet of all eternity is now offered in her honor for her grand and amazing service to us all, to you all.

Thank you beloved and blessings in your journey of love.

The heart of the All.

Before you leave I have a question….
Will I or people in general feel or be aware of this event?

Thank you for your question and I’m happy to address your question.
Many of your sensitives and your psychic and intuitive ones will feel and be aware of this event in dream state and wake state.
As for the masses that have been “unaware” they will certainly feel it and see it through their dreams.
And many more shall awaken and become aware in their waking state. This is a process so great in its magnitude that everyone will be aware at a conscious level even if in a small way.
Thank you. Again blessings to you all with much love.


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