A message from Platinum Ray Consciousness

Dear child we greet you with the love and blessings of the divine creator. This day we come to you because you have no knowledge of who We are and in doing so We approach someone that has a clear channel without having to filter the information through due to previous knowledge and judgements.
This is the consciousness of the platinum ray and yes We speak as we because we are many, we are more than just one consciousness in one ray of the divine Creator. Know that in one single ray many of us can subside and coexist and still feel like we are living within infinity just in a ray alone.
We are part of the female creational force, We are aligned with the feminine side, feminine aspects of the divine creator himself, yet we are just one ray of the millions, billions of rays that come from within his core.

Now we want and wish to let you know the reason why we are here, We are here because We want to convey a message from us to humanity, which has been guided by the creator.

You are all pure beings of light, you are not your body and yet within this body is the power of creation, the power of God. In each and everyone of your cells there is a potential to have the universe itself presented and after all you are just a mirror image of creation and the universe in a smaller scale, you are the universe, you can be the universe, you can connect with the universe because you are one with the universe. All it takes is a simple choice to commune with the universe within, to commune with the divine inner knowing for you all carry the divine blue print, you all carry the power and the knowledge from the highest to you here on earth.
You are pure divine manifestations of the divine will of God Creator. You are God himself walking in this human earth, in this human realm and yet you are more than just humans. You are more than this realm. You are multi dimensional beings and you need to coexist and live as such. Tap into your inner knowing for it is always available. Always have the willingness to connect, the willingness to ask and you shall receive.

We are many yet We are one. We have the power to change you from within, to help you connect with the knowing, to help you connect with the all.
We are part of the feminine aspect that is here to now balance and to co create with the Divine Creator, the Divine Goddess.
We are here as part of a co creational project between God Creator male and God Creator female
for it is now time for the divine to balance the male aspect of your reality. For it has ruled and recked havoc for far too long and is now time to bring back the feminine power, the feminine aspect of his peacefulness.
The aspect that creates with pure intent without need for power or greed.

Bring your attention first to your mind, feel the thoughts come and go and as you follow your thoughts, direct your attention to your breath slowly with each breath that you take bring your attention to your heart and allow for your inner spark to gently start growing and growing and become brighter and brighter and as this takes place dive in into this sphere of light.
This is where your universe is, this is where your spirit exists. Within this light between the layers of existence. This is where the immutable and unchangeable and forever growing spirit resides. Go deep within your heart, go deep within your spirit and connect with the knowledge with the knowing that spirt is the direct connection to the divine.
Let that light shine forth and let it permeate each and every cell in your body, each and every particle of your being-ness. Each and every tone of your existence. Here is the power that cleanses , and it is through this channel through this way of communication from the spirit to the physical that you can bring forth the platinum ray and allow it to have a greater and stronger impact not only in your growth as a spiritual being but also as a way to clear you and in a way reset you day by day to your divine blueprint. Feel and see the platinum ray combined with the Golden inner core of the inner spirit. And keep on allowing this energy to permeate your entire physical body. Then slowly feel expanding outside of your physical into your aura, into your etheric body, reaching out like a sun into your emotional body, your psychological/mind/body. Your causal body and from all these levels back to the monad, back to your oversoul, you are now pulling in your divine blueprint.
You are now communicating with your Divine Self. Allow this light to bathe you, to fill you from within and without. And as this universe grows within you, allow this universe to become part of you for it is You who you are connecting to now. And from these levels outside of you feel this energy fill you deep into the core of every cell of who you are. And each cell bursts into this way of being, into a new light, into this new way of growing, into this new way of changing, and it is now that you are becoming a divine blueprint.

May Divine Creator Blessings lead the way and may the path before you be a happy one full of love and change, but change into Divine Love. Blessings, little one, blessings.


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