To Ground is to Transform and Manifest the Miracle of Life

6/30/15 Transformation and transmutation of energy is a beautiful experience. An experience we are all going through in our own unique ways. We are constantly in connection with our multidimensional selves/aspects. We are also being showered moment by moment by extreme currents of energy. Recently a barrage of solar flares, planetary alignments and so on. […]

Be always your highest light. 

6/15/15 Many of us, including myself experience emotions in such deep intimate manner. When we get angry or sad we experience them deeply. When we love, we love as if there’s only that moment and we give it our all. Being deep in dark or low emotions can feel extremely heavy and overwhelming. We feel […]

Lemurian, Atlantean, Native american, African and Aborigine codes of transformation

6/10/15 Human history is tainted with many levels of separation and destruction, as well as assimilation of pure cultures. Since the beginning of time and after the fall or separation we have carried resentment generation after generation. From Lemuria’s fall, Atlantis’ misuse of power and Native American annihilation or even slavery of Africans and other […]

The Power of Water, Water Sigil and activation phrase Ra Ki Na Ere ‘El Rahn

5/22/15 Lately I have been traveling and working with creating and enforcing certain grids, and it is why I keep insisting on the power of water and on the need to bless it. I am again including the sigil Golden Love, Grace, Cetaceans, and Sacred Water.  Help us help ourselves. I am here once again […]