Universal and Cosmic Balance/ Codes included.


There is a universal and cosmic balance taking place. Wave upon wave are flooding or better yet are expanding all through the entire cosmos. Through time and space and that which needs to be cleared and balanced is now being moved into the most appropriate and necessary frequency for such balance to take place.

Bringing and bridging down that energy that specific frequency down to every level of existence which means the more abstract energy as well as the more substantial or third dimensional energy. Energy needs to be balanced and cleared before it can be balanced and manifested at the physical level. Mother Earth is going through her transformational graduation. Of course graduating is only the step in between, or the stepping stone which will lead into the shift into the New Earth energy and or 5th dimensional qualities and above.

The stepping stone is necessary, that manifestation of energy is required. The quantum manifestation in the transformation of planet Earth is all taking place in the year 2016. 2017 will be a completely transformational year, but a more peaceful year. As energy becomes finer and finer in quality it goes faster and easier to integrate in so many ways. 2016 has been a most intense year of change and growth for the human psyche and for the human emotional body. All needed and necessary and the planetary movement has been an echo for whats going on and taking place not only in the consciousness of Mother Earth but also the consciousness of humanity.

Humanity needed and still needs to clear and transform. It is that very reason why the core or the center of Creation has been working in sending wave after wave of subtle and subtler frequency energy. All in order to slowly and gradually with ease and grace to manifest the shift in the lower reals such as the 3rd dimension. It is such reason why the shift is taking slightly longer than it was expected to. Because it was deemed necessary in order to create less trauma which is the entire thought to avoid creating more discomfort and despair. It was decided the energy needed to be powerful, yet gentle and loving enough as to avoid causing havoc worldwide.

Humanity in so many ways is ready for change, yet the psyche, mental, emotional bodies and the astral plain, needed and still need to be cleansed, purified and upgraded. All needs to be done before the shift can take place. From the year 2000 to now there has been at work a powerful incremental force and holding and upholding space for the lower realms. Such process is so that the lower dimensions can be manifested in the higher energies and frequency of the 5th dimension and up.

16 years later the human form and the human body has shifted so much into the crystalline energy. Now the mind and the human consciousness as well as the human emotions can finally withstand the necessary pressure for the birth to take place. To what humanity seems like an eternity for Mother Earth it has been the equivalent of mere minutes. Now as the “contractions” are getting stronger and the quickening of such contractions is accelerating as the birth canal opens, and the quickening is also being transferred and manifested within the human form.

Millions upon millions of years ago it was decreed that when divine timing approached and when the divine moment was upon us, an absolute revolution would take place. The absolute revolution is being prepared energetically in this year 2016. Giving 2017 the frequency and the energy for the absolute revolution to begin. Now it won’t be a process manifested quickly according to the human understanding, but it will take from 2017 to 2020 to be fully manifested.

The force of there and the nature of four will be manifested in 2020, meaning the power of the holy trinity will unite from 2017-2019 taking full force as the quality of four in 2020. A new frequency a new being and a wholly crystalline New Earth. It will then be the true awakening of all of humanity. The true power of the human spirit will descend and yes at times it will be arduos between now and then. When 2020 arrives humanity shall rejoice in the deepest and most beautiful understanding. Humanity will once again remember its true nature and will finally be balance with Mother Nature.

As such shift and change takes place in our reality, Mother Earth will have the quality and the appropriate frequency and spiritual pressure to finally give birth to herself. Her new self will be a wondrous blessing for all of us as well. I urge you to remain strong and steadfast as all the shifting and clearing that is and will be taking place. Find your inner strength by finding your inner peace. Remain strong in your convictions and in your presence. Remain wholly strong and wholly present in this beautiful moment of now.

It is in this now, in this absolute moment of clarity when you will finally understand yourself completely. We welcome you to the grand new beginning of the rest of your lives. To the beginning of true divinity as manifested through time and space.

Remember it is imperative for us to work with every single tool made available for your inner shift to be one of ease and grace. After all it is our full responsibility to do the much needed inner work. At times such inner work will simply be in the form of you resting and being in communion with yourself and nature.

Everything and everyone is being upgraded day by day, including masters and being of light and forces of creation. I remind you once again to deeply connect to the now very powerful in its presence Divine Union Force. Divine union Force will be extremely helpful as we shift from timeline to timeline until we reach the one with the fully manifested New Earth quality.

The time between October 16th until 22nd of December will be one of many trials and also a period of beautiful awakenings and self realizations. December will see the return of a living being in the form of a comet, which will bring a movement by rising the vibration of the planet, thus taking us all the way through into spring of 2017. A period of Grace and of deep inner discoveries.

Now more than ever We urge you to keep on looking within and to understand reality is of your own creation and as such it can be altered and molded into one of clear and absolute happiness. We also remind you to connect to the overnighted Christ Force and the sweetness and strength of the Divine Union force. A powerful force to bring Twin Flames closer in their journey of understanding, integrating and self realizing.

appearing in December of this year a new force, a force tailor made for the period of Grace. New colors will be felt and even discovered in such time, as well as new tones. You might begin to experience a quickening in your meditations as you connect with this new force. A seed will be awakened in the heart of humanity and so the absolute revolution shall blossom.

This new force will lead to great scientific discoveries as well as deep spiritual remembrance. It will be a malleable, liquid light form of crystal energy. It will also lead to the discovery of new types of minerals in the following year. Also a new form of music will begin in the next year, with a more heart oriented frequency.

There’s so much more that will be shared when the time is right… soon enough!

May life be a constant joy of discovery for each and everyone of you.

Enjoy the universal and cosmic balancing codes.






















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