“Time is in the eyes of the beholder.”


“Time is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Human being’s understanding of time is as minimal as our understanding of the divine creator. We live a life in pursue of happiness without taking the time to understand what happiness is and what makes us happy. Some might think happiness is power and amassing large amounts of material things. In the same instant missing the entire point of what life is about.

Materialistic existence can only momentarily patch the inherent need within our very cores. The need to be in harmony with our reality. We all have the absolute desire of expansion and growth.

Happiness is within our ability to allow our soul’s desire to expand and to be in constant growth. The soul’s desire for growth stems from its knowing that it already is everything as a spark of a divine creator. A creator must experience his/her creations.

I think therefore I am! A powerful statement easily explained through quantum physics. The so called secret of manifestation as well. Our thinking creates out reality, supported by our emotions and passion all based on our innate programming.

We must all take a closer look at our reality and daily ask the question, Am I happy with my creation? We must also remember we are a unique universe, all contained within our temple known as the human body. A universe connected to a grander universe perceived outside ourselves. We all mirror our surroundings and we are definite mirror images of a vast existence. Our cells are in constant communication with such vast existence.

Our frequency speaks loudly. A frequency manifested by the myriad of thoughts and emotions we experience on a daily basis. A frequency which can easily be shifted by the mere choice of what we decide to feed our internal universe through our thoughts and feelings.

In a reality much similar to a hurricane, we can choose to be the eye of the storm. There is always order, even within chaos. We can be that order through our disciplined choice of what we allow in our sacred space.

Change can be a beautiful experience, whether we perceive it as chaos or order there is beauty within it all. Change is a beautiful constant in absolute alignment with our souls desire of expansion. When we learn to accept the beauty of such a magnificent fact, then and only then can we take part of the flow of life, and in doing so we begin the flow in the direction of true change. Within that change we also begin to accept our grandeur as the ever expanding creators.

One of the main steps we can take daily to change our frequency and our reality is to focus our attention and intention in the direction of our goals and passion. We therefore must be always vigilant of where our thoughts are focused as the universal truth, it is then we begin to create. We must part take of a thought diet, or thought awareness in order to connect to the greater consciousness behind existence.

If we simply allow ourselves to be overtaken by whichever thought surfaces into our awareness we can easily connect to the consciousness of humanity. Depending on our feelings we can connect to the exact type of though at a planetary level of that which we are feeling or perhaps the main program our psyche is running. Thus it is imperative to be aware to choose wisely and also to know and remember there is a greater level of thought in which we connect into, that being the Universal Mind.

Within the Universal Mind there is a purity of thought which can be of great value in our daily living. We all know everything is energy and within energy there is vibration, frequency and so on. We must therefore match the frequency of the Universal Mind through our focused aware intent to be within such realm of infinite possibilities.

Now we are holding the power to create with infinite possibilities as we shift ever closer to a higher dimensional frequency. Our connection to the Universal Mind is closer and deeper than ever. As a whole humanity could have expanded exponentially if just enough individuals could agree to focus on the intent of love and peace.

If enough of us can hold space for a connection to the Universal Mind, we could also connect to the infinite love of the heart of creation. As it is through love and the power of thought anything is possible. Through the union of such the word was created. Now I am referring to something greater than what is known as our divine creators. We are exquisite creations and creators and so I keep on urging every one of you willing to take such responsibility to claim once again your birthright.

Now you can see and understand the true power to change our reality is also held within our every cell. Each and every one of our cells is connected to the greater truth. Through such a connection we change daily with or without our awareness. There is and innate wisdom within our very core of existence. There is a driving force known as life and within that life is the connection to our I Am Presence.

Our I am Presence eternally guiding our true path in existence. We are all fractals of a Mighty I Am Presence and we follow the same path of creation. Through the power of the I Am that I Am we can become active participants of our reality. I repeat we are to take full responsibility for our reality in order to fulfill our wishes.

We must also take responsibility now on accepting our Golden Era as we have earned it. We have earned it through our labor of love, yes we the experiencers for a divine creator chose to be in ignorance but we also have chosen to rise out of that ignorance to reclaim our divine inheritance. We have earned it through time and space as we move away from slavery and control brought upon us by those who once were known as our allies.

Let us then take reign of our direction and let us rise to our true purpose. We are here to love and live in the harmony of our greatest teacher, Mother Earth and her powerful expression as Mother Nature. As she follows universal rhythms so must we, in order to flow and to grow with ease and grace, with love and joy of life.

Now everything said here also leads to the point stated in the beginning, “Time is in the eyes of the beholder.” Why I repeat it is simple, we just celebrated and welcomed a New Year, now that is only chosen perception. Without the measurement of our gregorian calendar we would just be celebrating the simple transition of another night into day.

Why I am making such a simple point is that since we as the beholders and believers that we are shifting as if magically from one reality into another, as the ending of a year and the beginning of a new year, then we can add same principle each and every day of our lives. We then begin to live with passion. Can you imagine experiencing the joy of change each and every moment? Can you imagine using that joy and that focused intention to attract and or create our every desire, of course for as long as we are in total alignment with our souls and our greater source.

We all need reminders on how miraculous life is, let’s take the passion for life to a whole new level. Let us then go forth each and every day with absolute joy, love and happiness as we receive each day with absolute passion. We are now ready to create and accept our Golden New Era.

We can now chose every day to begin to live and experience a Happy New Year. We are now claiming our power back as creators and as such we manifest love, peace and harmony all over the world. We are all brothers and sisters, there is no separation, no creed, no cultural differences in an opened mind or within a loving heart. We must all voice our intention to welcome a peaceful living for each and every single individual world wide.

Now let us go forth and spread joy each and every moment we welcome a happy new day. With each day welcomed we are welcoming our new reality. With our new reality we are claiming our true power once again.


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