Time to become responsible Co-creators. 

Divine Wisdom and Divine Knowing include true discernment and how we focus our attention and intentions. We must focus on a reality of love and peace and open ourselves through compassion to Sacred Grace, thus opening ourselves to the promised Golden age. 
Our greatest strength is a loving heart and a mind focused on rightful and righteous action and stillness. We are energy and we are reality and where both are directed a form takes shape. Take your mind and heart from outer attention and bring them deep into your inner grace. 
You want to see the kingdom of heaven, then go within and see your reflection and your true self. You want peace and freedom then free and open your inner sanctum. Doing so will allow you and all of us to be followers no more. Power in love is our might! 
I am Na Hi’El


The current state of events around the world are as chaotic as those taking place within. We have entered a chaotic node which is leading to a quantum leap in our consciousness.  Humanity is about to get a powerful taste of awakening to full responsibility of co-creating reality in a conscious manner. 

For the longest time being silent while atrocities took place around the world was lightly taken. Now we are finally coming face to face with the fact we are co-creators and as such we are responsible for everything taking place now. We are the ones who need to change the direction life is taking. We are responsible on whether we entered as a planetary whole into chaotic war or peaceful shifting of reality. 

New Earth is just around the corner, it is in plain sight. The shift could have happened years ago if only humanity could have worked as one. After all as a consciousness we are moving in the same direction and have for the most part same interest….love, peace and harmony. 

We are slowly but surely manifesting the holy self and as such we have a greater overview of what is taking place. I can’t emphasize enough that taking responsibility for our reality is a must.  We are after all to our reality the same as God is to creation. The sooner humanity understands that it is up to everyone to place their focus and intention on peace the sooner you will live your golden age. 

Remember who you are and you will create your true existence in your highest light. Reality and life are about becoming the best being we are experiencing ourselves to be. Time to manifest in harmony and together manifest the joy and happiness we all are here to experience. 

Nowadays we have greater levels of assistance and guidance and as the veil thins we can see deeper. There are many forces at play and yes there’s deep resistance but the destination is a gift of life. Evolution and spiritual evolution are a reality and a truth of life. Welcome yourselves home and welcome yourselves to your new lives. 

December will surely be a month of integration and of powerful waves of new forces partaking in the upliftment of our dimensional presence. Yes out dimensional presence is becoming more and more powerful. We are imprinting ourselves at multilevels and it is why greater forces are at play in order to keep divine order. 

In some ways things will smooth out but in others they will reach a greater tempo, one of them being the fact that humanity needs to step up by taking conscious responsibility of life. 2016 is a year of many surprises and of much deciet coming to light. The true colors of the global deceivers will be shown and humanity will have the opportunity to come closer to understanding why life here on earth has been delayed in its natural evolution. The so called Isis will meet its match as the funding sources start to dwindle. There’s so much coming to the surface including certain disclosure regarding our origins and the connection with ancient civilizations. The tablets of Toth will also activate and new knowledge will en revel eased regarding our ancient heritage….. So fasten your seatbelts a and enjoy the ride.  

Love and blessings of the highest light to all of you. 


  1. Heart says

    Aligning with Source, in each Breath. Breathing Source into All, like a mighty Dragons Fire, anything less than Source, withers away… Great Love ❤

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