Mexico and Blessings of Love 

11/13/15Woke up early to get ready for my flight. Tenth or eleventh day of my beautiful inner harmony. Had a great drive to the airport, had lunch. Lost track of time and was last one to board the plane. I asked guardians of the land of Mexico to grant me permission to visit. 

I got a soda andon it said “Open your heart”. Suddenly I experienced a deep heart opening at 2:34 pm. Felt joy and a bit of sadness left my heart and now about 30 minutes later still feeling huge heart openings. Smiling for no apparent reason and in deep gratitude for life and all the experiences up to this point. 

Feeling the magic of the land feeling a sense or remembrance, I have been here many lifetimes ago. Now time to end an ancient cycle and begin anew. Oh beloved Mexico your golden skies welcome my soul back to the place I once knew as my home. 
Next day I taught Universal White Time Healing to three beautiful, powerful women. They received it so well and the experience was loving and humbling as they opened their hearts to me and to Universal White Time which before and up to this point  had no idea what it really was. I know seeds were panted and lives will be changed in a powerful loving manner. 
My visit to Teotehuacan was an experience in and of itself. Getting there was fascinating. The main road was blocked due to a manifestation going on so we ended  up taking a backroad that wasn’t even a road in the middle of nowhere. Got to a small town and eventually made it to the pyramids. Long, long lines since it was a holiday. Eventually I got to the top of the pyramid of the Sun. The time was fascinating hundreds walking back and forth barely any room to get to the center of the pyramid. 
I was guided to connect with all the power points around the world, Mount Shasta, Himalayas, Stonehenge, Egypt, well you get the point. The energy as I connected was powerful and I went deep into meditation and with my spiritual team poured divine energy into the grid and sent love all over the world. I also did my own unique energy work. There were two women who were drawn to me and sat very close to me even though at this point there were plenty of places to seat. They kept looking at me. At this point I was guided to do the Golden Movement and anchored the energy into the pyramid and then into my heart. Finally I proceeded to direct it to the  over cast sky. Within a minute the clouds opened and the Sun made and appearance. 
After the time in the pyramid of the Sun I made my way to the pyramid of the moon, steep walk up the steps and sat there for a while where I connected with all the pyramids. Pillars of light where placed in each corner and I could feel a subtle shift. 
I remember on my way to where I stayed I felt so tired but once I went to bed I only slept for two hours. I kept dreaming of what seemed like past lives related to my beloved and also of nuclear events taking place around the world. Similar to the previous night. No details will be given at this time. 
Following day was my turn to go a beautiful place in the state of Hidalgo. The place is called Grutas de Tolantongo. Thermal waters flowing out of the ceiling and a river begins. My connection to Mother Earth was beautiful and very cleansing. I felt deep gratitude for all she does for us and also I felt pain leaving my body as I realized how ungrateful humanity has been up to this point. Why must we be so violent, foolish and selfish? Why can’t we be loving caretakers and why must we be silent while the entire planet suffers. Thoughts and emotions flowed through all of me, I decided to focus on gratitude and the beautiful potential humanity has.  
I also understood Mother Earth will be safe as she transforms into a beautiful New Earth and so shall we as we transform into divine humans. I guess patience is the name of the game. 
On that night I dreamt of doing an ayahuasca ceremony, of flying and feeling free. I got to see the spirit of ayahuasca. Again sleep was very short and with lots of movement around me. I felt blessed! 
Next morning feeling a little tired and doubting my trip to Mexico D.F. I was on my way to a beautiful experience. I got to visit a Temple Mayor a temple amidst churches. So many emotions were experienced, joy and remembrance of a time long forgotten. 
After visiting several churches I went to one called Temple de San Jose Real. There I walked just looking around and simply admired the architecture. Suddenly I was guided to go kneel in front of a statue of Mother Mary. 
I prayed for my family, for my best friend and for my beloved who is going through difficult times. I prayed for the world and for myself. I felt a powerful presence descend upon me. A powerful sense of love and gratitude took over me and I begun to give my deep gratitude and sent love to the world. 
Tears flowed out of sheer bliss and gratitude as I realized it was the one who has cared for me and loved me ever since I even knew who she was. Divine Mother blessed me and loved me and I felt what can only be termed as bliss. I felt the prayers flow out of my heart and the words… ” Divine Mother make me your spokesman and grant me your vision of love and your heart of love so that I may share with the world, return to me in the form of the one I love and bring me home. ” 

With eyes closed I saw a bright white light in the form of a star and a flash. I opened my eyes and suddenly the lights came on. I was speechless, yet I felt at peace and at home, I felt complete as I knew my prayers had been answered. 

Later that night I was told by my friend who accompanied me that everyone around was astonished, as the lights had come on only where I was. I had imagined the lights came on all over the church but it wasn’t so. That night again I slept only for a while but dreamt so much. I saw her in my dreams again and as I woke up I could fee her presence embracing me. 
Following morning I went to Basilica De Guadalupe. There they have a mantle in which mother Mary had manifested her self and her image to one of the natives. I got on the conveyor belt that takes you to see the actual mantle and I could feel her presence and her blessings again but it wasn’t as powerful as the day before. I was extremely grateful nonetheless. 
I went back to the Temple I visited the day before where she had blessed me. I wanted her blessings before I left for home. I prayed and again I felt her presence and my prayers answered. Once done I sat with my friend and her beautiful children and within minutes a light came on only where we sat. Ending with ” We are truly blessed.” 
To those of you who read this from the bottom of my heart I like to share my love and the blessings I received. May the blessings, the love and the shifts within my heart be yours as we are all connected. We are here to learn and to love. ” May peace and harmony reign in your hearts. ” 
We can change the world one heart at a time, beginning with our own! 

Open your eyes and see the beauty surrounding you. 
Open your hearts and see the love embracing you. 

Open your mind and expand through the life with you. 

Blessed are we my beloved family as we surrender to our holy selves. 
Blessed are we as we evolve into divine humans. 

Blessed are we as we share love, compassion and kindness. 

Grace is within our souls. 

Grace is life running in our veins. 

Grace our eternal connection to the divine. 

Love is our path. 
Love is our light. 

Love is our true strength as we awaken into our deep fortitude through the power of Divine Source. 

Compassion will set us free. 
Compassion will unite us into a powerful unity. 

Compassion will awaken our hearts and we will see through the veil. 

Forgiveness of the self. 
Forgiveness of ignorance. 

Forgiveness opens understanding and removes us from judgment. 

Life we are. 
Life within our sacred flow. 

Life in its purest form as our eternal souls guides us on our true path. 

I love you as only love can love! 



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