Oh sweet remembrance 

Time and time again humanity has proven it’s great potential to change and shift into a greater level of love. World wide there’s change and shifting. Humanity is saying ” No more to the lower intentions held within a dark veil of ignorance. ” 

We are all ascending and descending. Our humanity is ascending and our divinity is descending to meet us all the way here into this awakening reality. We are now embracing the path of swift change. 

Acceptance of our path and surrender into the power of our Mighty I Am Presence and our threefold flame, will lead us into our greatest revolution! We are now to be and to live in the knowing of our greatest love, our greatest love affair. Human meet thyself in the eyes of the holy beholder. Now look closer as it is your own reflection you are experiencing. 

Universe awakened within every cell. Life is good, life is God and Gods we are! Now stand firm in your Holy inheritance and accept the greatest power of existence. The power of life lived in love. 

Within the core of my being I seat upon my throne. Wholly present as the divine expression of my Mighty I Am Presence. I am life created, I am life loved, I am life lived, I am life expressed. I am infinite motion, I am infinite silence, I am infinite freedom.

I am divine Grace manifested through my every breath. I live in the absolute expression of your love oh my divine creator, how wonderfully created I am. I am your original creation of love and within your dream I dream. I dream a dream of life, I dream a dream of love, I dream the dream of my Mighty I Am Presence. 
I am the creator of my reality, and I declare my reality is abundance of love and abundance of blessings as I welcome my Holy Inheritance. All paths end right before me as I become the absolute path of my existence, of my life. In my freedom all known and unknown possibilities unfold all around as their sacred fragrance permeates the all. 

I am now gratitude, love and compassion in full expression of the Holy Self. I am! 
Na Hi’El


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