Time to Realize our Power

Thank you all for being so brave and willing to do the inner work. 



I come to you with the holy blessings of all I am and all all you are and all we are. My love and my gratitude to each and everyone who is flowing their work wonderfully. Yes we are flowing in the best possible way needed through our own unique frequency, as such we are all exactly where we need to be. 

We have entered another space and time through the myriad of waves of uplifting energies. They are coming our way from every angle of creation. Time seems to have sped up and the shift is occurring now at an accelerated pace. As fast as we are shifting that’s exactly how quickly also evil and darkness are fighting for their lives. 

Have you noticed all your deep emotions and traumas are being summoned to the surface? Now is the most beautiful time to take a good look at ourselves and heal our core wounds. We are being given the amazing opportunity to take ourselves to the next level of our individual humanity. 

We have been given through the contingency wave ( Read precious article ) the power needed to breakthrough our own shadows and darkness. The Sublime Wave of the Holy Self will also grant is the necessary insight t move past our “shortcomings” and move into our sacred space. 

We are indeed in powerful times of transformation. No one is immune to what’s coming and what is yet to come. Remain steady in your inner work and know we will all receive the necessary guidance and protection. 

The lower vibrational frequencies fighting for their existence are of the mentality if we go down we take you all down. They will not be allowed to keep their temper tantrums much longer as soon enough they will realize we are here to liberate them as well. CERN, HAARP, secret bases and their secret programs of weather manipulation, sexual abuse, pedophilia, MK Ultra,  government manipulation, financial system all have an expiration date. 

The difference this time is the New Light isn’t here to eliminate darkness.  By shedding light into it  it is here to help it achieve a greater expression of itself.  We are in an unprecedented time when all are being given the chance to transcend, not just light workers but dark workers as well, since in reality we are all part of Divine Source. 

We must rejoice through life’s shifts and changes and must always remain true to ourselves. We must remember as the earth shakes and moves so do we. We are quickly shifting and yes we are being the shift we need to see. 
I’m sharing a little something I shared on a new Facebook I recently created to which I happily extend an invitation to join if you feel completed to. Name is Pay it Forward With Love 

As we embrace each and every moment with the purity that it represents we begin to realize how beautiful life really is. Within every instant, every breath we take we are given tremendous opportunities to accept ourselves as divine consciousness. 

Breathe in the magic of the moment and realize yourselves as the purity and as the magic that very unique eternal now is bringing forth. It is then and through a simple magical breath you can see and be in the sacred heart of the eternal now. 

We are all who we are and we all carry the the beauty and the magnificence of creation itself. Therefore go and explore your magnificence through every feeling, every thought and every being who comes your way. You will then see who you are. 
Live, Love, Give 



  1. Sharon says

    Dear Jose,
    Thank you so much for this posting. As usual, it is quite beautiful to read and so filled with gentle, loving energy from the Divine. And the message is spot on for these amazing times that we are living in. I was wondering if you could share a bit about the image of the bird that was attached? Is it a falcon? What is the meaning of the golden spiral on the bird’s chest? I am quite intrigued with this painting! Again, that you for sharing your journey and your thoughts with us!
    Much love being sent your way,

    • says

      Thank you Sharon.
      I chose the bird because to me it represents the Phoenix and the change and transformation we are all experiencing. The golden spiral to me it represented the balanced sacred heart and also the divine feminine and masculine in complete support of each other.
      Much love,


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