Spread the word and say No More

The time is here my people of the world it is time to free ourselves from the illusions of their control. They have no power over us unless we allow them. Let’s not fall to their blind ways and let’s open our eyes and our hearts to the thruth of life. 

How long must we lie to ourselves as a society? 

When will we be willing to open our eyes and our hearts and know and understand our governments are all corrupt? 

We must walk out on to the streets United and in a strong powerful voice reclaim our rights and our freedoms. Since when did it become legal for our politicians to work for corporations who create laws for their profits? 

When did we become so jaded that we happily say “Can we have another please ” when our rights and our entire being is being raped by their selfish greed? 
We must speak up, but how do we unite ourselves in a common cause, our cause for freedom, happiness and a cause to save our very lives and our loving planet?

We must stand together and realize we have been divided by religion, creed and culture and yes politics because they know United we are too strong. Our waters are poisoned our air is polluted, our food is genetically modified all to keep our bodies and minds under their control. 

May I remind you all, we are divine sovereign beings and as such they fear us. Let’s call upon each other in this dire time of need and finally say ” No more, shall we be divided and be made to believe we have no power, we must declare our freedom all together as one” 
We Must say no more to corruption, to a corrupt state, to corrupt religions because the day we follow blindly their warmongering and their for profit philosophy we will all be doomed. What gives them the right to tell us we have to vaccinate our children or else they can’t go back to school? How dare do we as a people and as a society allow such atrocities upon our sovereign existence! 

How dare do we turn a blind eye over genocide and atrocities and the killing and distorting of nature and our very lives all because it hasn’t happened yet in our parts of the world! 

No one is immune and we will all fall prey to their greed and their need to control if we as a whole just watch and do not say enough is enough! 

Spread the word, spread the love and spread the understanding when we all unite we can bring down the greed machine and finally give us a chance for peace, a chance for respect and a chance to freely and lovingly share with the world our true nature our true uniqueness with unbound passion and freedom. Spread the word, spread the power amongst each other. Bring kindness to everyone,  bring peace to our children if we don’t break the cycle now, the cycle will end up breaking us. 
No more shall we stand in silence, as in this case silence is as good as complete submission to the illusions of power. 
Please spread the word we are free the moment we all unite against a common enemy. Please spread the word United we can bring love and peace to our world and our beloved children, and please spread the word United we can and will usher the era of peace and divine respect for our uniqueness and beautiful individual selves as we bring our beautiful selves and our beatiful  flavor to the All. 

Na Hi’El
Allow peace and unitity to be our legacy. 


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