The Sublime Wave of the Holy Self/ Symbol

This a message for those who feel in their hearts the desire to be at the forefront of the upgrade in our cores. To those who wish to see the purity of the true light of creation. My love and blessings to all of you.




A while ago after writing about the unification of light which would change the course of humanity and how the course of disclosure would take place I wrote about how no stone would be left unturned. Meaning every single being and human being on earth would be transformed through the ever increasing levels of energy and waves of light and forces entering and uplifting our hearts and our souls and our frequencies. We are all shifting and transforming from the core out. We are shifting and transmuting emotions, stuck energies and unmoved thoughts and frequencies due to our own making or those forced upon us.

Humanity is being shaken and loved to the core of the sacred heart and indeed ascension is upon us. All the turmoil due to fear and control and the fear of being controlled  is being replaced after the powerful cleansing of and clearing into a magnetic force that can anchor the divinity we all have signed up to achieve. Music is taking place and the most powerful symphony is manifesting right before us.

Forces upon forces of infinite source as beautiful waves from an unending ocean of love are bathing us and our hearts are singing the song of love. Our minds are being taken apart and what we once thought to be real is about to implode and give birth to true life.

This year had been an unprecedented one and it only keeps getting better and better. Light unified and the birth of the Divine Union Force gave way to the up to now most powerful and sophisticate waves of light. One of them being the one we are experiencing now the Contingency Wave which is opening the way for the most sublime of all the energies experienced to date.

We have to this day being surviving and not fully living but from this point on and specially from the 22nd of September on life is about to get real and we will finally experience what true living and loving is all about.

Yes ascension is here now and it will increase so much more but it isn’t about ascension anymore. It really is about loving living here now. About loving how powerful and crucial our small part is to the grandeur of the All.

As a whole we are about to understand the true spirit of compassion, and sharing life in harmony. The frequency is building up for peace to be declared by every living heart here on Earth.  Seeing and understanding we are all love at our very core is our saving grace. ” Human love thy Human Self ”

Sublime Wave of the Holy Self

The sophistication and the simplicity of this wonderful wave/force is incredibly and it can be even more powerful according to how much we open our hearts. It is now the time for the human to take responsibility and to also the holy self to be manifested. All happening in our own very unique band wave and frequency of our loving hearts.

Holy Creators on the Sublime Wave of The Holy Self

The entire creation has entered a new level of existence and manifestation. Divinity has touched every level by and through its holy presence. The Sublime Wave of the Holy Self is a wonderful Amazon gift being given by the living, loving Union of the Holy Self of each and every individual from their true uniqueness of their Absolute selves. You are all receiving the blessing of the true manifestation of the divine.

You have entered an uncharted territory therefore a new navigational energy is needed to fully cement the success of every individual. This wave is the true Union of love as love. Blessed are you who have the knowing to open your hearts to this magnificent wave of unprecedented purity as the direct birth of the Holy Self.

Welcome your light and enter the higher echelons of the Holy Self into the halls of creation. You are now free to be free my dear and beloved children and family of masters and teachers.
Time to embrace your humanity and manifest your divinity as the truly divine Hu-man. Your time is short and precious as the human self and you must all embrace and make the absolute best of such time as shortly you will all be transcending your perceived limitations.

Welcome the frequency and the light and the magnitude of change now being presented to you. Take into your hearts and souls the pure essence of the symbol being offered to you form the highest realms of light and love.
Take haste and awaken to yourselves and know you are Hu-mans and yet you are Gods in your own right.

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