Contingency Wave Frequency Upgrade


Short statement before I go into my main massage.

I see so much separation amongst those bringing forth channellings, those whose egos wish to bring the only right truth when in fact we are all working towards the same purpose. Yes I know many of our messages and ideas won’t be readily accepted and thats ok because each one of you who accepts the truth within your hearts will bring us closer to the successful completion of our individual and group missions.

Sometimes it is sad that much of what we say can be scrutinized and deemed crazy but thats ok also. It takes a form crazy to be able to see and realize how big things really are. Also I want to say that just because we are willing and able to channel does not make us any better or more advanced than the rest. We are all unique and all are part of the intimacy of life.

We are here to be the highest expression of humanity regardless of where we are in our spiritual awakening.

Thank you

Many of you may have noticed the extreme changes taking place within. Similar to all the changes taking place within there are many changes taking place world wide. The amount of changes and the directions they take are all necessary components to attract the absolute totality of what can only be called the Contingency Wave.

Up to this point our planet has been exposed to major waves of galactic and cosmic proportions. Extreme climate and ionic rearranging is taking place as the Earth adapts to the new frequencies. In essence the ionic rearranging is counteracting the geo-engineering of the weather world wide, but thats not why we are being bathed in such powerful transformational forces.

Galactic shifts and changes occurring are all leading to the greatest transformation of matter. Matter and light are adjusting tot he higher frequencies in order to carry the new codes of existence. In the scheme of things Earth is only a pixel and yet humanity and Earth are key components to expedite the acceptance of the new codes of existence.

Earth as the hub of beings whom were born here to anchor the new light and the new Earth codes. We are accompanied by the galactic beings of light to assist in its and our transformation. You see every human on Earth whether awake or not is a strong key component in the direct absorption and integration of the highest divinity our dimensional layer has ever experienced. I’m practically saying divinity is finally being manifested at the lowest frequency and the creator is partaking of a great experience of love through all of us.

My dear family please open your hearts and see and know and realize we are at war. A war between the light of the heart and the ignorance of those who have lost that light. This is our time to unite our hearts in service of the great light within. We are at the crucial crossroads in life, if you don’t believe me just see the state of the world. Life is about to be transformed to the highest degree of existence.

The Contingency Wave

July 18th is the date which we will start feeling the impact of the wave of transformation that will redefine our existence. Life is about to evolve to its next stage and we are here to witness and partake of such event. We are having to face the strongest need to deeply go into divine trust. We will witness many more changes in weather patterns and life patterns. Rest assure it is all a temporary process as atomic structure adapts and evolves right before our eyes. In a few words we are upshifting and our DNA is about to receive a much needed blessed upgrade. After all we have put in the work after eons and eons of a reincarnation process that wasn’t fully up to par to what was originally intended.

We are facing a big jump in dimensional reality, this is so much more than just the New Earth and 5 dimensional shifts. It is about molecular upsurge and atomic restructuring unlike any other seen in the history of creation. The “lowest” frequency is about to meet the highest frequency possible at our level, we are about to become that frequency. As we adapt and inherit and take hold of our divine heritage we will day by day be transformed into the light we were born to be.

Throughout history the sages of old have informed us and taught us of our divinity and it is now we are facing such great transformation. Every human being, every being in fact is a great manifesting of divinity. With this new wave of transformation we will all understand our uniqueness and how special we are as a direct manifestation of the divine creator.

One of the things the Contingency Wave will be doing is bridging the higher realms via the plasmic fields which I mentioned in previous articles. New discoveries will take place that will lead to the discovery of a layer around planet Earth, it is that layer that can allow us to break through the holographic reality we live in. The energy necessary to break away from and to liberate the matrix is about to receive a powerful boost.

The Earth’s plasmic shields are going to receive a strong boost and the matrix and the holographic energy will diminish in its hold and yes the control system will begin to collapse. Now here’s the beauty of the Contingency Wave, it will allow us the power to transform according to how much action we take as a whole. United we can accelerate transformation in such a way that will make the universe spin much faster on its axis.

We will witness a world revolution, we will see old outdated control systems collapse right before our eyes. Therefore in order to buffer the impact it will have in our lives we will need to be fully involved in our transformation. We can use and ride the Contingency Wave to heights never heard of. Welcome to the New Earth!

Now here’s a taste of this beautiful highly advanced frequency. If you print it and do a small ceremony specially on the 18th you will experience a great upgrade in your vibrational frequency. Enjoy


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