Message to the benevolent extraterrestrials

Message to the benevolent extraterrestrials
This is a message from an opened heart aware and sovereign human being and although I am a star seed and so much more human I am. We do not need saviors but we do need the necessary tools to free ourselves from the dark ET’s and their minions. I know their time is coming to and end but I’d like to remind you our time is now. 

With love I say to you to allow us to be fully free and to enter into our divine heritage. 
If your intention is in the highest best for humanity, why do you hide behind a veil? 

Our leaders are not representatives of all of us, many of them were not even chosen by the people. Do you not understand there’s a high number of us who are ready for contact? 

We do not want contact to sensationalize you but to learn more about our origins. You have highly advanced technology then teach us slowly on how to embrace it rather than to share it with selfish governments. If you are so advanced why do you overlook all of us who have a pure heart and who can benefit all of humanity through our unique ability to see the world in a state of peace. 
There’s much speculation about who you are, you come with messages of hope but there’s a point where open action is needed. We the people aren’t as naive and will not go into massive panic and even if we did it would only be temporary. There are more people dying by the day because of the feeling of isolation and you need to see the full potential we carry. 
Spend a day with us and you shall see how beautiful we really are and we are not as fearful as the governments make us to be. We are all sovereign beings and we are all divine. You say you follow divine law well here’s one divine being decreeing “it is time for you to announce yourselves and remind us of our origins.” Also tell us who you are In Person and not through a series of empty messages channeled by a human. 
You need to stop seeing us like little children believe it or not we have so much to teach you as well. We can teach you about ignorance and separation and how much strength and courage it takes to live as such. We can teach you that even in our ignorance and separation we touch and we feel the divine. We can teach you what it’s like to coexist and to live in a reality with limited resources and how we make the best of all there is. We can teach you true compassion, something that can only be felt deeply by being in the trenches like many of us have for thousands of life times. 
You are much rather listen to the governments and to the false treaties made on our behalf but know this many of us do not abide by those treatises as they were made against our will. We live in a matrix and look we are still awake as we let nothing take us down. You with you connections and your technology have it quite easy and it is why you take your sweet time. Don’t you know until we fully learn who we are our life experiences are very short and do not have the time to wait for you. 
I say to you, either step up and recognize how amazing we are and that with our great potential we can easily surpass our limitations or simply move on and watch from the safety of your comfort. I say the same to all the councils of light who make decisions for us, we all need you to stop assuming how silly or little we are. We have had enough of such a treatment believe me we get it enough through our governments and the dark extraterrestrials. So if your intention is aligned with the divine plan then here’s a divine being decreeing once more the time is now, the time is not soon but now.
Get off your high horses and remember who we are and what we gave up to be here. Remember it was decreed eons of years ago and it is now the time to fulfill your mission as well. No more waiting or messing around on your part. If not I will humbly teach you human life, just spend a day with me, and or with us. 


  1. Megan says

    Yes, yes, yes! I can’t tell you how many times I have felt exactly the same way, Jose. Thank you. I volunteered to come here from the angelic frequencies. We feel so abandoned, so deep in depression at times, so stuck, so lost…
    I say again, our sense of abandonment runs very deep.
    There are times I get lost in thoughts like, “Why were things/beings ever allowed to go this far?” and “Please, just give me something tangible to feel and know that you hear us!”
    Thank you for your decree.
    Another Sovereign Being

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