To Ground is to Transform and Manifest the Miracle of Life


Transformation and transmutation of energy is a beautiful experience. An experience we are all going through in our own unique ways. We are constantly in connection with our multidimensional selves/aspects. We are also being showered moment by moment by extreme currents of energy. Recently a barrage of solar flares, planetary alignments and so on. All being a reflection of the cosmic dance which is also taking place within.

We are destined to manifest the divine at our own divine timing. It is all indeed a wondrous dance of cosmic, galactic and creational magnitude. Each and every cell in our bodies is in tune with the sacred dance of life. It is all magnificent and relevant at every minute scale of creation.

It is all nice and beautiful but all of that magic needs to be grounded and manifested at our physical level otherwise we miss the full extent of the transformation taking place. We must be fully grounded to create and manifest otherwise it is all like a whole bunch of ideas or specks floating about.

All the shifts need to be fully grounded in our reality in order to exist fully at our closest proximity. We are channels and anchors and  must constantly remember to reinforce, manifest and fortify who we are by grounding each and every day.

I received a download to assist in manifesting and grounding ourselves in a very intimate manner. We will experience more of ourselves as well as Mother Gaia as we become conscious anchors of light and of our selves. Every shift and every wave can now be manifested and fortified by the sigil/seal of sacred, crystalline force.

Many beings on earth are evolving beyond what to some is new energy, for instance the diamond, adamantine and crystalline energy. Many have grown beyond the quantum reality and are now bridging even higher and for all of you this is a powerful sigil/ seal to ground the higher form of existence.

Remember there are new forces, new energies and new rays unnamed at the moment due to the lack of grounding. The very reason I am sharing the Sacred sigil of manifesting and fortifying of the self and energies



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