Understanding unity consciousness and a fractal frequency to help you understand it. 


“Every day is a manifestation of my divine self.”

I must daily face myself and how I perceive my reality. Some days I am presented with great opportunities for growth and other days I am allowed complete peace. My life is always in motion moving towards a great understanding of my inner self.
I feel and believe each and every one has a remote understanding of what unity consciousness really is. One thing I know for sure when we enter into unity consciousness we will not turn into a blob or a massive consciousness unified and undifferentiated. We will in fact begin to appreciate and understand our individuality, our differences and our roles.
We will enter into compassion and gratitude and deep appreciation of the roles and forms we have all taken. From the saintliest man to the dirtiest and the most evil man or being we will begin to recognize, accept and acknowledge them for whom they really are and in doing so we will learn who we are.
Who are they really, who are you really ? They are us, we are them. In understanding this simple fact and knowing there’s indeed no separation then and only then we can enter into true unity consciousness.

What happens in unity consciousness?

“The absolute recognition of the self as a valuable component of everything there is and beyond.” We begin to love and admire our uniqueness and our individuality. We begin to function as a unit with the resources of the individual who recognizes all as an aspect of him/herself. Separation ceases to be and individuality flourishes through deep knowing, and constant communing with each and every heart. The heart field becomes unified and in complete harmony with source as well as the individual spark.
Unity consciousness is a frequency, a vibration with direct connection to Source. In that sacred space we can have access to our greater intuition and to our resources as individuals who can use the mass consciousness to manifest. Unity consciousness is a state of being, a state of mind and above all a state of total harmony into the absolute heart field.
Exactly the manifestation of the absolute heart, is what is taking place now. Many of us have had access to such energy for a while now and now more on a more of the population will open up to the possibility of experiencing such frequency. In reality if we want to understand unity, then we must understand the sacred heart field and the plasmic field surrounding all forms of energy.
Life becomes a direct manifestation of the divine. In divine understanding we recognize everything is perfect alignment and in its highest realization. Life in reality regardless of how we perceive it is always existing in its highest realization. We must therefore perceive ourselves the same way. Unity consciousness is about manifesting ourselves as our highest potential.
Once we begin to understand the simple facts, and laws of life or better yet the many layers and bands of frequency we cease to judge energy in terms of good or bad. In our level there’s many forms of energy working in unison. Wether we perceive it as low or dark, or evil energy living at the highest potential  it knows and or light living as the highest potential it knows. Everything is part of the All and that All is part of a greater All and it goes on and on.
What I’m trying to say is ” Life is simple, live, enjoy, harmonize into happiness and know yourself as love.” When we love ourselves the same way love loves us, we will see everything and everyone through eyes of love.

Here I’m sharing a key to open the door to a reality so beautiful it will expand your mind. Meditate on it, seat on it, visualize it and a new reality will unfold. Unity consciousness is here and it has always been within you.



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