Aboriginal, Lemurian, Atlantean, Native American, African codes of Healing and Release/ Phase 2


In my previous article regarding the codes of healing ancestral hurts and resentments I spoke how it is time to manifest ourselves in the new light. This time I will share another aspect of the codes I shared. I will also explain a little about how my codes work.

Before I begin I would like to share an experience I had recently. I went to a singing bowl concert, they had gongs and didgeridoo instruments. The experience was beautiful and very magical, and it took a higher dimension when I was taken deep into a trance by the didgeridoo sounds. I saw aborigines and I asked showed me who I am. I saw an image of myself as I am now and the connection was clear. I was told in our world the aborigines are the most spiritually advanced civilization we currently have. Also it is the most neglected of all the civilizations throughout history. They hold the key to healing our planet.

We have so much to learn and many of us will never come face to face with the ancestral tribe living in Australia under the guise of nomads and simple people. Something they are definitely not! It is an absolute necessity to somehow bring ourselves into alignment to who we are and as such we must honor our greatest assets in human form.

There is so much taking place internally and I know most feel it where they want to admit or whether they are even aware of the immense shift happening within. Such changes will accelerate our growth and will place us in a new timeline. A timeline when peace is manifested through the powerful alignment that will happen through us all.

Each and every one of us, even those who have no clue are about to receive a rude awakening since the time to shift reality is nearing at a pace that will make our helices spin. We have indeed entered the second phase of the three most powerful waves to date.

The truth can be hidden and manipulated only for so long until truth itself manifests at its highest form. Truth is about to reveal itself as the ascended aspect of what was once known as reality. What does that mean? It means we are about to see true reality, and we will see and feel ourselves in our true form. We are day by day being manifested in our highest form and day by day we see greater forms of light.

The “controllers” who are in fact the prisoners of their own making are desperate to keep life in the dark and as such they have lied to the population for centuries and even thousands of years. Like everything else it had a beginning and now it is nearing its end. They are their own cause of their downfall. Their inability to let go of the illusion of control and the need to self serve has kept them from reaching their full potential in their evolutional growth.

All is coming to its perfect balance and all will move beyond the point of duality into absolute balance. Again we are sliding through timeline after timeline and we are reaching our highest potential through the diligent work of many being of light, love weavers and light weavers. It is a gargantuan task but guess what, we are the ones to get it done!

Every moment, every movement, every motion is leading to our highest possibility. Life can only move towards its greatest manifestation and we are on our merry way. Whether it seems as if we are inching, or moving in quantum leaps we are steadily moving to our greatest destination which in reality it is already fully manifested.
Perception is changing into the higher octaves and reality is here to be witnessed and realized. Our golden era is now visible the same way those old pictures in the late 90’s if Im not mistaken where you had to shift your eyes in order to see the real image. A 3d image underlaid with an erratic one. In our case it is our heart that has the ability to shift in order to see the real image or in our lives the real transformation taking place.

How my symbols and codes can help you along to the higher image and to higher perspective. They act and behave according to the needs of each individual and they carry deep codes recognized by the soul and the spirit. Many of my codes are a combination of angelic, extraterrestrial and vibrational languages. Many more are seeds manifested from realms higher than the known realities many speak of. How can I access those levels? I have always been able to since I have carried the key and the frequency to be able to access the greater layers of myself and of reality.

The codes act as scanners and as imagers as well as overriding codes that can tap into the deepest aspects of yourself. They are easily recognized by the soul as the soul carries the program to recognize the divinity held within them and by them. The codes can be absorbed through the chakras in the middle of the palms, the wrists and the complete chakra system through the eyes. Another way is to seat or sleep on them and then it is though the mitochondria which by the way each holds mini chakras capable of absorbing and putting out large quantities of energy. Every part of the human make up can and will absorb the codes. Will they be activated immediately? They will be according to the needs of the soul and the capacity of the body to process such refined and advanced form of light.

I can tell you this much “ The codes and symbols will advance your growth exponentially.” Each code is a divine seed manifested at the exact and most beautiful time. Each seed will grow to its highest potential within each individual, and will be fully unique to each and everyone. The symbols are living, always in motion forms of light, and beyond light.

Try it, hold it with an open heart and an opened mind and you will begin to receive the full benefits of this holy new language manifested for us in our very unique time. We are all fortunate to be able to receive them and it is my absolute honor and my most humbling experience to be one of the vessels manifesting such holy divine light and forms of new light. They are all set modulating and will adapt according to your needs and according to the obstacles or interference received by each individual.

Work with them daily at first and you will notice extreme shifts and changes all around and within. Your life will unfold beautiful and I promise you if used with humility and with the best intention they will fully reveal themselves to you. I promise!

Back to the main reason as to why I’m writing this article. I am sharing the second phase of my previous drawing, and know this one is even more powerful in what it holds and contains. The butterfly held the key now here comes the light. With there are once again the Lemurian codes, the Atlantean codes, Native American, African and many more. Why I like this one even more is because it carries a greater influence and light directly from the full force and consciousness of the ascended people known as aborigines. They have and carry their beauty and their magical ability to transcend and to easily move through realities. They know how to work with time and can easily move in the astral world as well and as easily as in the ascended realms of light.

We are so blessed to be able to receive such powerful and beautiful form of light. Think about it you are about to take part within the transformation of all our spheres within our sacred reality, our true reality. You will take part in releasing and healing ancestral and generational, and cultural pain, anger and resentment carried through the ages. You will heal and make manifest the spheres of forgiveness and love, and compassion for millions and millions of people.

I commend you all willing to partake in such wonderful awakening. You are now making a conscious choice to accept a small seed that will manifest as a beautiful golden tree of light, and once that happens makes sure to partake of its blessed fruits.

Also remember I am now fully dedicating myself to service and as such I ask if you resonate with my messages and codes  for your support whether as a donation through Paypal at Iamlightdivine@aol.com  or as a service through my website Absoluteradiance.net any and all will be greatly appreciated.


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