The Power of Water, Water Sigil and activation phrase Ra Ki Na Ere ‘El Rahn


Lately I have been traveling and working with creating and enforcing certain grids, and it is why I keep insisting on the power of water and on the need to bless it. I am again including the sigil Golden Love, Grace, Cetaceans, and Sacred Water.  Help us help ourselves.

I am here once again sharing in the blessings and sending you all blessing of love, of joy and absolute self.



“The power of words hold the flowing motion of creation ”

Humanity is under attack by mere ignorance. Being in ignorance by choice is one of the biggest downfalls of humans. Now having said that most humans have been exposed to different types of mind programming and it is by the sheer power of our everlasting spirit that we are still thriving. Day in and day out we are exposed to mind control via microwaves that disturb our neuroreceptors and our neuropaths. In fact the living engine of our cells, the mitochondria is under attack.

The mitochondria which is the gateway into the string and beyond is the driving force for our bodies. It interacts and flows with water in a very intimate dance of ebb and flow. Take a moment to take that in, we have or are conformed of living organisms that make a whole! The same way our entire system ebbs and flows to form a greater consciousness known as human same goes for the greater organism know as Earth, as Cosmos, known as God. By meditating in and on our bodies we can reach the true understanding of unity conscious, and yes we need not go further than that to begin understand the whole.

Like everything else in existence and preexistence there is a pattern of shape and from. There is a divine mold that has intricate rules and laws within a single sphere of existence which then doubles and goes into a greater sphere of existence with its own unique rules and laws which in and of itself can be the liberating key.

In my previous post I wrote about purifying water, and my point here is to show how amazingly powerful the human organism is. We have all heard about hydrogen bombs; an immensely powerful bomb whose destructive power comes from the rapid release of energy during the nuclear fusion of isotopes of hydrogen (deuterium and tritium), using an atom bomb as a trigger. We all know the human body is made up pf different element, hydrogen being one of them. Imagine if we through the power of our awareness and consciousness could release the power of each element within our physical system as well as the etheric system, we would be a force of nature, each individual walking and being like the universe.

Do you now understand why we are feared by those who wish to control us? We are powerful indeed and humans have the innate nature of love and harmony. If we can tap into our true power, reality changes the very moment we choose to do so. Awareness, consciousness and perception are like water we can flow into the inner and outer layers of our existence, and through such transform reality or lack of reality. We have all heard, humans are made of stardust, which in fact is plasma. Plasma is by far the most common form of matter. Plasma in the stars and in the tenuous space between them makes up over 99% of the visible universe and perhaps most of that which is not visible.

Now ponder on this: “Plasma can be accelerated and steered by electric and magnetic fields, which allows it to be controlled and applied.” (The secret to unlock our power.) Human blood consists of plasma, water is present in plasma. Cosmic plasma which is called the fourth state of matter is present every where visible and invisible. The frequency of water is present everywhere even within dark matter which I have always felt is a form of time.

We have all heard and many know water is programmable. Water can hold frequency better than any other element. We are mostly made of water and so we can reprogram ourselves and stop being subservient. The human body is surrounded by a plasmic field and through our plasmic field we can interact with the universe. Once we consciously control it we can then begin to consciously interact with the All.

Water is basically the medium through which they are controlling us and hurting us. Water is under attack constantly through heavy pollution, and through containment. By using the guise of corporations they steal our money and our freedom to free access to water by bottling it and owning the rights and the land where water flows freely. Why do we have to pay for a commodity that is free? It is all about controlling and containing the power we all represent and are.

Recently I went to the theater to watch a film, long ago I noticed the extreme amount of programing and mind control captured in the recording. As it plays it goes directly into our subconscious and our emotions. Both which flow and behave the same way as water. While at the theater they play a preview for the upcoming film San Andreas which immediately lowered the frequency of the entire room and it changed into fear.

I have also noticed some are predicting a huge earthquake to hit California on the 28th of May. I will say that from the 20th to the 23rd specially a huge window opened that has allowed an immense influx of light into our reality. I have sensed the 28th of May, 18th of July and the 23rd of September are key dates for huge events that are to happen, all for the uplifting of our consciousness. Heed no mind of prophesies and constant fear mongering whether through good intention or not. Use your plasmic fields coextend love and peace and harmony and our reality will enter into alignment for our true wishes to manifest. Every day is an auspicious day to freedom and to divine sovereignty, use every moment, every eternal now to remember and realize yourself in your true existence.

Remember : “The greatest influence we as humans are exposed to is not that of planetary alignments but that of our awareness and perception” The Universe is constantly reminding us of that, and so be aware and be conscious and always be sovereign!

Everywhere you go and through everything you do. “Bless the water, bless everything and in doing so discover the power of a divine creator blessing you” This is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to reclaim who we are. If even one percent of us would do this we could have shifted into our golden era.

Know this sigil can only be used for the greatest good and any other intention will only hurt the user as every symbol and sigil is sacred and divinely protected. Activation phrase which was not given before is Ra Ki Na Ere ‘El Rahn. Place water over sigil for a minimum of ten minutes and pour in the ocean, lake, rivers, anywhere yo fell guided to. You can also program drinking water, or seat on sigil and meditate with it.



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