Trinitized Divine Mother/Feminine 

Happy Mothers Day!!

World wide I wish to honor all beautiful women who are representatives of Divine Mother. Also I wish to honor our life giving mother we call home. On this day and each and every day may we be the lovers and care givers we are intended to be. 

As a gift for all you do and for makin life possible I’m including her triniticed frequency      . Divine Mother is here to stay. 

Blessed be!!!

My dear women, I love you so 

I see the beauty in your pained face, the love in your crooked smile.
I see the beauty in your wrinkled aged face ,in all your freckles and in all the stretch marks that expand through your lovely curves.
I love your feminine curves and every inch of your imperfect body.
I love your fat belly and your cheese thighs and plump behind.
I love the sexiness and the softness of your every expression as you age, as you gain weight, as you scar and as you labor in your daily chores.
My dear women I love the endless expression of divine femininity and the powerful ocean of love and strength that resides within you.
Radiant beauty overshadowed only by your grandeur and your eternal heart as you bless us all with your every breath.
Oh my beloved giver of life I love you so, as you rise to power and you own yourself.
I love you as you lead the the world in the direction of life.
I see you leading society
I see you governing with loving justice and powerful thought.
I see you reforming governments
I see you stopping the insanity of loveless clones
I welcome the time when you will be loved and respected as the divine presence you are.
I rejoice in knowing through your veins runs the force of life and the essence of a goddess.
I am joy in my knowing of your endless grace. Blessed is life as you take hold of your true place in the moment of our eternal now.
I welcome you my beloved as you take hold of my hand and together we embark into the unknown possibilities of divine existence.

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