Golden Love, Grace, Cetaceans and Sacred Water Codes

Hello Dear Family,

It has been a while since I last felt the need to write as I immersed myself in my journey of transformation and development of greater patience and deeper levels of love for myself. May life be smiling upon you and may your heart be opened to receive the sacred love held within my words of hope.

Since the time I started tapping into the real matrix and I with a group of beings started disconnecting certain individuals, I have been the recipient of attack after attack through my dreams. At first the illuminati told me they would kill me for exposing them and in my dream they implanted me before I managed to wake up. Next morning a teacher I was taking a class with noticed the implant without me even saying a word about it. I have received astral visits by the reptilians and have even fought with draconians. All in all my life has been quite interesting and crazy to say the least.

Even a book I was writing and months of info I had written mysteriously erased from my computer and no trace of the documents. I have received interference from many different levels and even from loved ones whose behavior changed in order to attack me emotionally. It went as far as destroying my emotional body. It was all to keep me from moving forward, but like always whether I slow down or not I have chosen my destination.

In between all the shifts, the changes and being interfered with there has also been magic happening within me and the cleansing of my being is more and more powerful by the day. Also have seen disclosure taking place. The way I saw it Putin was the leading man in bringing the truth to light. Whether he is the one or not, only time will show, but one way or another disclosure inches closer.

Time has definitely changed and it has accelerated since we shifted into a new timeline on the 16th of March. Since then to now we have experienced many gateways and portals and they have come and gone, and the influx of light is very visible for those who have the eyes to see or the heart to feel. The entire planet is experiencing the rising of frequency to the point that tension needs to be released.

Humans as a consciousness have the power to ease the tension by transmuting all the emotional debris that is surrounding our planet. We can transmute and clear to bring  greater stability to ours and her emotional field. Many who are sensitive are feeling the vibrational tremors as unexplainable emotion in many cases anger or pain and it is then when we need to be the most vigilant.

We are in a vibrational frequency that is extremely vulnerable yet very powerful and the contradictory feelings of stagnation and fast pace are being felt simultaneously. Grounding is a necessity for most as the feeling of floating and detachment are extremely strong as the powerful vortex of light coming from the center of the universe is becoming stronger and stronger. Mother Earth has also increased her energetic field in order to match the new frequencies coming in.

At lower levels Mother Earth has entered a form of stasis and is waiting for the powerful codes to move up in order to receive the transformational codes that we are experiencing in this our reality. Many of us have noticed the sort of disappearance of close friends and relatives as many are in that lower reality being readied to join us. We on the other hand are experiencing every shift and change at a soul level and our bodies are doing the best to keep up. We are also witnessing the cleansing of many outdated old systems.

Racism, prejudice and hatred are at the forefront at the moment, being cleansed and transmuted into the necessary frequency to fully accept our new reality. We are at the cusp of this reality and once we fully step into the full force of the new reality we will be completely different and new in our views.

We are experiencing simultaneous realities as well as the cleansing of the real matrix. Day by day it weakens and it lifts in frequency and as it does we are all getting closer to the big shift. Such a shift is bringing to light the bigger players who have controlled everything from the shadows and the comfort of their murky reality.

Their murky reality is very fascinating in the sense that it matches the frequency of the chemtrails and the dirty water used for fracking. Seeing and feeling such a frequency made a lot of sense as to why the dark ones are fracking every possible place in our planet. How they are polluting the oceans via oil spills and poisoning though garbage. Chemtrials are poisoning not just humans but the water whether present as moisture or as clouds. They are targeting water, because water is indeed the carrier of holiness.

Water exists in every layer and every dimension either as a frequency or as liquid, gas, solid and even as a mixture of elemental phases that quantify unity at its maximum potential. Water is a target which also explains their weather control all over the world, California being a great example of how they are placing fear by creating a drought.

Cetaceans are very powerful  beings and they have existed along side water in many of the dimensional forms water exists as, and it is why they have also been targeted even more so now that frequencies go higher. They carry the divine signature to mold and unify water in order to open divine vortices even within the water drops individually.

Water is one of our most powerful and easiest ways to help raise our frequency as well as to support Mother Earth in her process. We can all perform a sacred water ceremony, and when doing it we can invoke water at every level it exists at. We can start by connecting to water in its natural state, meaning as rivers, lakes and oceans. Many have already done ceremonies for the waters of the world but the higher state water exists at has been overlooked. We need to transmute and elevate water through our every breath and our every thought. Water is our greatest ally in our nearest proximity and our greatest tool to transcend all limitations.
Also previously I have shared the lemurian codes for the original seed and soon I will be sharing the atlantean codes as well as many more. For now I’m including the codes to help do ceremony to be in the presence of sacred water and to help make sacred water. If you perform the ceremony drop water in the oceans, rivers and lakes near you and you will be assisting the planet and your own growth in a very powerful way.

Believe me when I tell you once again, “ We have the power to transform our reality, moment by moment.” I’m giving you here a powerful code to assist water in being transmitted and cleansed world wide. You will be partaking in uplifting the Earth’s water frequencies and in doing so your own body’s water will be transformed. Sigil can be used to program water before you drink it. Make sure to place water in the middle of the sigil and you will be receiving powerful codes of Love, Grace, Cetaceans and Sacred Water.



  1. Faith Ann says

    Thank you Jose for this powerful message. It explains for me much of what has been happening. I had a dream recently of a man who had lots of shrapnel embedded within his flesh…had been through war situations. He was about to undergo surgery to remove the shrapnel. I knew some of the surgeons. I was concerned that the shrapnel might be explosive upon being removed..advised the surgeons to call on Archangel Michael for protection. I saw the man(patient) lying on his side on the operating table, waiting for the removal to begin.

    I know this man is me…seems like a confirmation of the deep cleansing you described.

    Thank you for your courageous work..many of us are assisting in this all-important endeavor.

    Namaste brother..

    Faith Ann

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