Free. Undo. Change. Know Yourself


Free. Undo. Change. Know Yourself  🙂

We are all born with the divine right to self express. A right that gets muted by society, rules, regulations and behavioral programming. We must always remember, as holders of a divine spark we all carry the creational power of the word.

With our right to self express also comes the full responsibility of the energy we put into our daily living. The thoughts and the power of the words used in our daily living are our full responsibility and we must know when to hold back as to not hurt others directly or indirectly through emotional outbursts. We must be like children with our emotional output but masters with our energy projection.

Having said that it leads me into the next aspect of self expression that has been greatly undermined by the new age. Many in the new age want everything to be peaches and cream, nothing wrong with that. But what about the time when we are challenged and have to face the “darker” side of ourselves as many address it? It is more like the unloved unaccepted aspect of who we are in this dense reality.

Many of us one way or another experience frustration, anger and a whole range of emotions which are just as human and just as divine as the emotions of love, joy and happiness. The healthiest thing to do is to express responsibly and with full awareness and without fear, rather than to suppress because we want to believe it isn’t spiritual to express the full range of our emotions. Eventually it becomes easier and easier and transmutation occurs instantly.

I will put it simply this way:

Free: We must be free and willing to let go and let god, yet be powerful in our essence of love.
Undo: We must be willing to undo any energy projected irresponsibly.
Change: We must change and redirect energy when necessary.
Know: We must be willing to accept and know our human as well as divine essence.

By being able to us the power of words we can literally transform our reality which will allow us to B.L.E.S.S

Be: Be our genuine selves
Love: We must have willingness to love to the highest degree possible
Elevate: Our energy and emotions, thoughts, intentions and beliefs.
Shift: Our perception in order to take the step which leads to godhood.
Surrender: Surrendering to our divinity opens all the necessary doors to manifest.

Warning: Before you keep on reading beware the words below are powerful yet playful and full of responsibility. Great sense of humor needed and the power to B.L.E.S.S !

On to step one specially for those who are upset and or frustrated, angry or depressed, or experiencing deep levels of fear. Responsible self expression can be very healing and extremely liberating, let go and have fun with F.U.C.K! Make it a loving fun ceremony!

1) F.U.C.K frustration
2) F.U.C.K anger
3) F.U.C.K loss
4) F.U.C.K pain
5) F.U.C.K depression

6) F.U.C.K Religions
7) F.U.C.K Belief systems
8) F.U.C.K God
9) F.U.C.K light
10) F.U.C.K darkness

11) F.U.C.K Boundaries
12) F.U.C.K control
13) F.U.C.K governments
14) F.U.C.K unjust laws
15) F.U.C.K deception

16) F.U.C.K new age
17) F.U.C.K higher self
18) F.U.C.K extraterrestrials
19) F.U.C.K galactic federation
20) F.U.C.K spiritual hierarchy

21) F.U.C.K spirituality
22) F.U.C.K old paradigm
23) F.U.C.K new paradigm
24) F.U.C.K free will
25) F.U.C.K multidimensionality

26) F.U.C.K the 4D matrix
27) F.U.C.K the illuminati
28) F.U.C.K reptilians
29) F.U.C.K greys
30) F.U.C.K fear tactics

31) F.U.C.K ignorance
32) F.U.C.K knowledge
33) F.U.C.K reality

Feel free to add your own and notice as you release the stagnant energy, at this point your emotions might be higher and on the alert. Wash, rinse and repeat as necessary before going to the next step. It is very crucial in order to transmute and take responsibility and notice of our energy projection and or reactions.

1) B.L.E.S.S frustration
2) B.L.E.S.S anger
3) B.L.E.S.S loss
4) B.L.E.S.S pain
5) B.L.E.S.S depression

6) B.L.E.S.S Religions
7) B.L.E.S.S Belief systems
8) B.L.E.S.S God
9) B.L.E.S.S light
10) B.L.E.S.S darkness

11) B.L.E.S.S Boundaries
12) B.L.E.S.S control
13) B.L.E.S.S governments
14) B.L.E.S.S unjust laws
15) B.L.E.S.S deception

16) B.L.E.S.S new age
17) B.L.E.S.S higher self
18) B.L.E.S.S extraterrestrials
19) B.L.E.S.S galactic federation
20) B.L.E.S.S spiritual hierarchy

21) B.L.E.S.S spirituality
22) B.L.E.S.S old paradigm
23) B.L.E.S.S new paradigm
24) B.L.E.S.S free will
25) B.L.E.S.S multidimensionality

26) B.L.E.S.S the 4D matrix
27) B.L.E.S.S the illuminati
28) B.L.E.S.S the reptilians
29) B.L.E.S.S the greys
30) B.L.E.S.S fear tactics

31) B.L.E.S.S ignorance
32) B.L.E.S.S knowledge
33) B.L.E.S.S reality

Now that you are finished remember we are all unique and special and each one of us has a very unique path in our spiritual journey. Enlightenment is as unique as our fingerprints, so make sure to have fun and enjoy your life to the fullest. Self expression can lead to self liberation through the power of the word, and the ability to manifest.



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