New Timeline Update, Light Command Symbol 

Every time we transition into new timelines, due to the fact that humanity is awakening we enter more and more the reality of peace. We are evolving and manifesting our divinity. We carry day by day higher frequencies that are affecting our reality in a powerful way. The light and love weavers who have freed themselves from the matrix are doing an amazing job in spreading the freedom templates. Humanity has the eyes to see and the heart to live in a unified field as one and it is now stronger as we successfully entered into a new timeline. Change will speed up even more now, so tighten your belts and enjoy the ride.

The insanity known as the matrix of control is slowly being dismantled. All of us who were born with the codes of awakening and freedom are strongly resonating the frequency to break free as the light command is being activated. The codes and the light command were included in such a way which went mostly unnoticed by those running the control program. The key to activating the codes and light command we carry is to increase our vibrational frequency thus it engages and sips into reality. We carry the transformational energy to break free from the outdated and low frequency emitted by the 4th dimensional matrix.

The low grade 4th dimensional frequency targets our brain in order to affect our minds and our thinking process. By affecting our thinking process our perception of reality becomes warped. It is through fear and constant distraction and signals of mind control carried by the waves sent via the underground moon base, communication media and the devices purposely made to emit high levels of radiation to affect our navigational capabilities.

False patriotism is also a way in which our passion and need to belong to something greater has been miss used by propaganda, mind control and programing. Human hearts have an innate frequency which acts like water, carrying a sort of bonding energy. Notice how when you place water dropped close enough to each other they will merge. Our heart field behaves the same way. By controlling, affecting and interfering with the function of the brain our perception becomes clouded, our thought scrambled and we can then begin to undermine and doubt our intuition. As we began this experiment in our 3D reality we were born with a stronger and wider unified heart field which allowed us greater connection with our surroundings and other beings. Which explains why our ancestors had great knowledge of natural medicine without having the necessary technology and yet they knew.

Through the ages our minds became more condensed and our hearts began to loose or at least emit a smaller unity field. It was then as they started to divide and conquer the individual by separating the unified use of heart and mind, which was how we operated in the beginning. They then began to divide and conquer the masses. Controlling the mind through belief systems and false patriotism and you have the support of the greatest power in the world. The power to create and manifest via the unified field of hundreds and or thousand perhaps million of individuals believing in one cause whether it is the right course of action or not. 9/11 being one of the biggest examples of our current times. The same or similar model has been used time after time as humanity struggled to break free from the matrix since it has been effective for a long time.

Our new timeline shift is a powerful frequency which in spite of the constant manipulation will not allow our powerful transformation to be deterred. We are all assisting in raising the frequency as we as individuals and as a group of beings with a common cause are dismantling the matrix from the inside out. We have a great momentum as the veil thins and the old paradigm becomes obsolete. New frequencies manifested are assisting us to resonate and to vibrate at a high vibrational rate. A higher frequency which opens the heart and then our inner light to powerfully transform the pattern and the frequency of the brain and the mind, keeps us from going in to fear. We then begin to live in the now as the heart = our intuition and our knowing becomes our modus operandi.

Love and compassion = deep gratitude and a balanced heart and mind. Whether we are under attack or not we can keep our hearts and minds from going into fear which breaks the spell of fear. Fear has been the most powerful tool used against our hearts. On the other side of the revolving door it is our hearts they fear as well. Within our hearts exists a powerful multidimensional key that can and will access and tap into their fourth reality and it is how we will transform and free them from their prison. It is crystal clear that the same program being used to control humanity is the same program inadvertently controlling them. Like I have said before we will be the ones to free them from the limitations they have experienced through their inability to go higher than the prison they created.

The great and wonderful news is that we are all transcending and ascending, this time nobody will be left behind. From 3D to 4D we will see a dramatic and drastic change and then the greatest ascension creation has ever witnessed will unfold. The family will be welcomed home and the prodigal son returns to the fold of the creator.

Our work is an endeavor of love and light, understanding and also sheer guts and perseverance. For eons upon eons we have dwelled in a matrix of control which through the power of thought and emotion from everyone involved in it, the enslaved as well as the enslaved it developed a type of consciousness of its own. It was then the controllers became part of the system and their vehicle of gold, became nothing more than a golden cage.

We must now as the love and light weavers that we are, manifest our divinity here but also weave the essence of ascension into the 4D reality. It is how we will liberate them and give them a chance to remember and re experience their true source and origins. We are remembering our divine origins step by step and will soon realize the magnificence within. We will remember and live as the creators we are. “There is one simple key to our success which is to simply raise our frequency through love, gratitude and compassion beyond the point of no return.”

Love sees us all free!

Think of this codes and light command in this symbol as the antidote to the matrix. The more it is used the stronger its effects.  Very powerful tool to use during full moon and eclipse 



  1. Heart says

    I love the way you framed this message Jose. We all have our ways of perceiving things & it then resonates in many forms. You have clearly articulated what is going on & it makes my Heart sing! ❤

  2. Ascension Angel says

    Not only are your posts so inspiring… They leave me with an incredible feeling of “coming home”… 😀 Thank you my dear friend ❤


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