Our New Time to Create is here! Light has been Unified


So much has taken place since last time I wrote about being in gratitude. I have gotten to know myself so much better and while traveling I even understood deep within my heart what it is like to see and experience God as a direct manifestation in everything before me and everything and everyone around me. Life has certainly taken a new quality and a new dimension.

Today is the third day after the final step in the unification of light. Five months ago we embarked on a wonderful journey of transformation and we have now arrived at the point where love is fully in control of our environment. We are leaving behind the old thinking and old beliefs and timelines and have now entered and uncharted territory.

We have entered a time and space when even darkness is curios of the transformational power in the unified field of light. The powerful awakening brought upon the divine Union in the codes and light of the divine male and female great central Suns, is beyond description. Even our spirits are now being transformed in quality and vibration. We have reached a new level in our spiritual evolution. The higher aspects of our multidimensional selves are surfacing and humanity and all of Earth’s inhabitants and including Mother Earth will now develop in a beautiful and powerful manner.

Everyone is and will experience a direct transformation due to the new unified field of light. For those who can see, you will begin to see the new colors and qualities surrounding us. For those who can feel a powerful magnetic like vibration has been activated, it is the divine Union of the self that gives off a bonding and a feeling of completion. Slowly for some and almost instantaneously for others there will be an awakening of a deep knowing, a knowing of why you are here and of acceptance as to why you are here. Such process will allow you to embrace life to the fullest and to transform yourselves, thus transforming and uplifting your surrounding environment which in turn will transform the entire planetary essence.

Now that such event has taken place, Mother Earth has a third layer/dimensional layer of light and protection and of uplifting frequencies. Her trinitized light bodies are operating according to divine law that attracts the presence of the masters, meaning there will be an influx of new and super advanced souls who will begin to incarnate. Those new souls will carry at a soul level the Divine Union force. A reconnecting of twin flames will also see much needed increase. We can all now access her threefold light bodies and her threefold inner flame of transformation that have been awakened by the birth of the Divine Union Force which is now fully accessible.

Having access to the new forces and rays and the trinity surrounding our planet can have  great impact in increasing our connection and knowing. Much more knowledge will now be manifested and  numerous amount of new inventions will be made public. We can now fully access the divinity that makes up our beloved planet.

Peace is the only option now! We have now entered the era in which war is no longer possible. Have you noticed how much they have tried and tried and they can’t? From this point on we are manifestations of peace and compassion. We are steadfast merging into new timelines which are taking us directly into a full experience of peace and of direct contact with our multidimensional selves in a physical way. Disclosure is now our reality.

Having a unified field that is in perfect balance is much more appealing to darkness is quite a blessing. They will be transforming and will begin to understand that they are not facing their demise, but only the end of an era of sacrifice for them. They gave up their inner spark in order to serve a higher purpose and now they are given the opportunity to grow and transform. They are given a new beginning here and now and you will see the change here and now!

I’m always very respectful of what others have to say but… I have read several channelings in which they mentioned 5000 million or so souls have been taken out because they were serving the cabal and that Sananda became injured through the use of scalar technology. I have to say if it would be that easy then our entire reality would have seen an increase of goodness due to the removal of those souls. Also all of our free will would have been stepped on by such event. By the way scalar weaponry for the higher realms is old news and can be easily adapted and nullified. Sananda was not injured by such imaginary event. In fact many who claim to channel him are not even in connection with the real Yeshua/Sananda. I can only ask of you reading this to use and follow your heart and discernment to see clearly and past certain misunderstandings that are given only to create discord via disappointment.

We are still our true power and hope. We are receiving so much assistance from every level and layer of our creation and yet it is up to us to make the final transformation and changes necessary to experience the wonders in front of us. Now that we have greater energetic resources and possibilities through our own deeds to change it is only a matter of choice to dedicate yourselves to transform. We are indeed blessed by the greatest light and the greatest love. Our Very mixed and complexed DNA will now begin to resonate at a much higher frequency that will demand to come in contact with its origins this direct contact will be a natural and beautiful process that does not need to be forced but simply embraced.

We have entered a time and space to create our highest desire of peace and love and joyful living. This is not simply a corridor or transitional period, this is it! This is our time to shine and to live and love to our fullest because heaven has mandated and decreed for it to be so. In short, the game has become more sophisticated and we can have fun with it because the old virus that kept it from running smoothly is now being deleted. Yet by no means expect everything to be handed to you, as it is your duty and responsibility to make the necessary changes and adjustments.

You will love and enjoy the new possibilities of manifestation of light. Enjoy this wondrous and well deserved gift of finally being able to embrace your true self. From now on life has new possibilities and new hues and tints that will lead to a joyful manifestation of our souls and our soul’s desire to grow and expand and manifest it’s true divinity as an incarnation of Love.

Welcome to the new beginning and I ask of you to fully accept what has been given. New possibilities to finally be you. Remember we are now anchors and carriers of the new codes and it is all our responsibility to make this life a beautiful life.
So it is!!!



  1. mrpaul says

    Reblogged this on my new dawn and commented:
    a highly significant shift of the ages has occurred and is unfolding for all – this is resonating for many as the new eternal dawn now shines forth all the brighter

  2. Ascension Angel says

    Woah… that is an awesome symbol Jose… powerful, without even knowing what it is. Gives me goosebumps 😉 GREAT article… thanks.

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