A visit by AA Metatron and Sandalphon and a Light Code Symbol


I had a wonderful day visiting very dear and close friends. We had amazing exchange of our spiritual and human insights and through our words raised our frequencies. I headed home with my spirit in high notes and I sat to eat and to enjoy a nice quiet and relaxing evening. I was guided to take a bath something I don’t usually do. As I looked down to my left foot I saw a white feather stuck to the arch of my foot. I dismissed it and got in the bath. After a few minutes I felt something move to my left and lo and behold the same feather was moving back and forth as if someone was moving it. I asked if it was an angel and I got a big wave of energy reassuring me that yes indeed there was the presence of angel.

As I simply enjoyed having the company of an angelic being I made my request to have contact with angels, archangels and light beings as it would be something new to enjoy their qualities and beautiful light. I begun to experience a strong sense of peace through the light frequencies I was receiving through the angelic presence and I didn’t even bother to ask for a name.

As I wrote my curiosity peaked and so I asked out loud who I had the honor be accompanied by. I immediately got a reply and it happened to be two, archangel Metatron and Sandalphon. I took time to enjoy their presence even after my bath I kept on receiving downloads. My only thoughts for a few minutes “ Dear God thank you for this blessing.”

“Angels of heaven, angles of light I welcome you to my humble home, I wish to share my love and my light with you. “

Archangel Metatron

Greetings and love to you my dear brother in light. My love and my gratitude to you for allowing us to share this moment in time with you. I am here to share a message of things to come. As many of you know there have been many shifts and events at physical levels that are beyond your comprehension due to the scale of the energies. It is why through the ages we have served as your helpers and the messengers of God as you live your process of awakening to your divine selves. We see you always as you are!

The Unification of Light as the merger of the sacredness of Father and Mother God has been a blessing of proportions of infinite scale. The lifting of frequencies and vibrations to such high levels has sped up the way you experience time. Many of you may have noticed how short the days seem and specially when you are enjoying yourselves time seems to fly by. What you are experiencing are days with the equivalent of 11 hour days the way they use to feel when you were in 3D. Remember you are birthing your fifth dimensional selves and there will be a moment when you will experience zero point in time. The eternal now will be your reality and your access to creational forces. Between now and the mid days of the month of March there will be an acceleration in consciousness through the acceleration of time. A trigger effect will take place as you switch into a much broader timeline.

Through the acceleration of consciousness you will dissolve the perception of a big portion of the 3D remnants and you will dial in to the 5D qualities of your selves. As the shift in perception occurs you will begin to detach from the desire to just survive and peaceful existence will begin to resonate from your sacred hearts. The biggest part of human disillusionment and hardships in life have to do with the uneven distribution of abundance. In order to experience abundance a collapse of the old paradigm needs to occur. What that means is that in the next couple of months you will see many ups and downs in your economy. The collapse if it does happen will be due to the games being played by the elite or the the 1% that controls and plays with your lives. The collapse is also more significant towards your growth and it will be greatly experienced by those playing the game of control. . Remain in your hearts and in your love and experience those times as an opening of a door into the new reality of divine abundance. Hold in your hearts a vision of a transition into life of flow and abundance and know there is much to be expected in terms of change.

The cold fronts and the cold weather around the planet and specially all over the united states have to do with uplifting of the universal energy throughout the land in order to assist in the awakening process of humanity. Light energy has a very cooling effect and it is indeed cleansing the land and the heart of its people. Every event taking place now is a blessing upon a blessing.

You will also begin to see an acceleration of weather manipulation as they become desperate, but do not despair it is only the manifestation of cleansing at a planetary level. Everything that is happening is only to bring to light their schemes of control and manipulation.There is a lot of radiation through their weather manipulation and many chemical reactions are taking place that will in the long run be beneficial, which is not their intention but heaven has decreed that every single attempt on their part will only serve the greater picture. Also remember the ones who wish to control you work through fear and that’s why they keep wars and rumors of wars alive through their media propaganda, do not believe everything you hear. All the planes crashing an disappearing are also another tactic to control the air traffic which will not come to fruition.  There will be more light and understanding regarding the geo-engineering used to manipulate your minds and your DNA by manipulating your water, your food and your air. There’s already a counter balance set in place to assist in the removing of such pollutants by many of your bright minds who are here to serve humanity. Humanity is slowly but surely awakening to its greatest gifts and you are now in the cusp of such enormous shift.

Archangel Sandalphon

It is through the love of the most holy that we greet you our beloved family. You are certainly in a plain of existence where creating has taken an apparent slow process. Yet know you are all indeed moving as fast humanly possible and as fast as heaven wishes you to move. You are certainly manifesting yourselves as the powerful creators and co-creators we hold you to be. You are a sight to behold and heaven is proud of your progress. Remember to be steadfast in your forward motion, and never look back unless only to reach and to hold the hand of your loved ones. Your love is your light and your power to keep going strong in your powerful determination to manifest heaven on earth.

We admire the many light weavers who manifest and anchor light tirelessly, as such we commend you in a job well done. We as a unity always support you in your process and in your growth and now more than ever as you are breaking through all the barriers. Remember you are love and loved by holy within.

A blessing of light codes from AA Metatron and AA Sandalphon, it is good to be printed and used through direct contact, under pillow and to meditate. You will feel the beautiful energy work through you.



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