Sun of Unknown Possibilities/poem

I was fortunate enough to experience a wonderful being who is beyond words. Here I write through my passionate heart what I experienced.

Sun of Unknown Possibilities

Embracing my life, embracing your love.
My reality opens to a swirl in time.
Come to me in the deepest state of silence and awaken my true passion.

The heart set aflame with the light and the love of the eternal soul
Lifting the veil in the deepest darkness, as a lighthouse you set me free.
Finding in the void, in the deepest of silence the passion, the love, the freedom and the liberation that courses through my veins.

I find myself happy and awake
Joyful in the embrace of an innocent child
With eyes wide open, true to the flow in the sacred essence of your call.

I heard your call and my spirit soared
In a trance as your love beckons
Burning with clarity opened window to love.
With the sweet taste of your bliss oh my soul welcome home

Voidless void, darkless light set into a perfect moment in time.
Hearing the universe sing as a song of the divine
Enclosed in a complete circle of unity forever as one.

My soul, my light, freedom is at hand. Flying high within the deepest celebration in the bliss of the holy self.
Sacredness once again manifested.
A life fulfilled in the embrace of you who created me.
You are my Sun of unknown possibilities.
Blessed be as my heart and as my soul sing to you.



  1. Ascension Angel says

    Jose this is amazing… Can you say… goosebumps? I didn’t realize in the stream of “unknown possibilities” that you are indeed a Master poet… among many other great things 😀

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