Time Templates, Time as Dark Matter and Time Template Symbol


Last night I had one of the best night’s sleeps I have had in months. I was completely flying out there and enjoying much needed relaxation. At the same time that part of me was observing the waves of energy embracing Mother Earth from the core of our Galaxy. Those energies came in through the solar core of our Galaxy but their origins were from the Female and male Great Central Suns. With all of the energy waves and upgrades we received we have been brought closer to our very unique temporal shifts happening within our core essence.

I also received light infusions in the form of pockets of information which are opening in this very moment. In my previous post I mentioned temporal shifts and timeline shifts which in essence are the same or similar in how both transform reality. One is done at a large scale and the other is done at a level of the self.

One of the things I have heard from many channels, and those of the new age is that there is no time. It is my feeling that denying time is a lack of understanding of life itself. Saying there is no time is like saying there is no God or higher force.

Time itself is in fact one side and essence of our divine Creators. Time is a force that is needed in order for light to exist. Time is the dark matter in which light and life exist on. Time has been labeled wrongly in the sense that it isn’t just a moving thought or thing, but in fact a creational force in which nature itself manifests. As a force it can be used to create.

It is widely known that dark matter exists everywhere, same as dark energy. Now this are terms to differentiate from the visible realm and does not refer to negative energy. Dark matter the reality is which existence is created on. The grid that gives form to the grid of life.

Time itself is a powerful force without which life would simply not be able to exist. Time and light are two balancing forces which bring each other to harmony. I am again reminded of harmonics and resonance. Energy, frequency needs a source and a medium in which to be carried and it is the same for time and light. It is a balancing dance which if used to create can be a magical manifestation of the highest degree.

Why many think time doesn’t exist? It is because we have a very limited perception of what is unfolding before us. We need to have a birds eye view, in our case no better view than from our mighty I am Presence. Our I am presence as part of time and space has a much greater view. Many of us only understand the simple movement of the clock and time as humans know it is indeed an illusion.

Through the expansion of our hearts we can begin to fathom the reality of time. A reality of beauty and of life so harmonious it mirrors the heavens. Quantum physics is a science that is slowly being understood, and I dare say here that it is time in the form of dark matter which allows quantum leaping through all the dimensional layers.

If you try a simple exercise you will understand what I’m trying to convey:

1) Divine Spirit of my higher Self, My Mighty I am Presence I call you to descend and awaken within my DNA the power to invoke time.
2) In the name of Divine Father and Divine Mother and in the name of the highest good I access the very presence of time.
3) I call for a temporal quantum leap within my DNA to raise my vibrational frequency to match for an instant the presence of Time as a force.
4) Awaken the template of Time as force to accelerate my consciousness in order to grasp and understand the grids of life.

Allow time ( No pun intended) for your cells to be activated and for your body and your consciousness to start accepting the divine codes of life. This is a very simple process that can be done over and over in order to accelerate your vibrational frequency and will bring you closer to your higher essence. In this day an age we need all the tools available to bring us closer to the golden era.

There are so many tools available for us, as we are embracing our true selves. Our memories of remembrance are also reopening access to our divine energy signature and we each can access our unique faculties. As we enter into the higher flow of life we will begin to recognize the new forces and the new light which are changing how we evolve as a species, and as a creation. As such our powers as co-creators become more and more significant. We are being liberated from the inside out.

The time templates within our cells are being activated in many of us. The above exercise will help accelerate the process for many who are just beginning to learn about the revolution we are welcoming. Our focus must always remain in the purest thoughts and purest feelings in order for such a process to be an easy one and one to rejoice upon.
Slowly we will start seeing new concepts and studies that will explain time in a more scientific manner. I for one am not much of a scientist, but definitely have the heart of one and have a tremendous curiosity which is what opens the doors for me. I invite you all to let your highest curiosity to open the many doors of possibilities being presented to us in this wondrous time of swift changes and shifts.

The symbol below is to be used with the above exercise.



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