Temporal shifts and Unified Light Timeline and Symbol to Upgrade Energy System


The year 2015 is quite a promising time. This year we will completely enter into the timeline of unified light. Many of you probably noticed at least 5 days before the codes of Divine Feminine begun to activate and merge with the divine masculine, on the 22nd of December 2014. For many of us love weavers and light weavers who are at the forefront it was like being hit by a shock wave. Many started to experience beyond normal sleep pattern change and have noticed that so much less sleep is needed. At the same time many started to experience ascension like symptoms that might have even landed you in bed. Those symptoms although flu like in many ways are due to the effect the sun is having in our physical and energetic bodies due to the temporal shifts occurring at an accelerated pace.

It is as if our very cells are being torn apart. We are literally being transformed through time and space. This is occurring in preparation to the time shift that will take place around the 16 of march of 2015. What that means for our planet and her inhabitants is the full release from the lower vibrations of 3rd dimensional forces. In essence we are paving the way for the timeline shift and we are acting as transformers and anchors of a new reality.

We will begin to see more and more changes around our planet that will seem to defy logic. The Sun will become like a whirlwind of activity. Our entire surroundings will begin to mirror what is taking place within our cells and our souls. It will literally feel like being in the process of birth and much physical pain will be present as our bodies adjust but also much joy and bliss will be present in our hearts as our bodies become exalted with light.

It is as if the God particle, or the god essence that has remained dormant for eons in time will begin to reawaken. This is a process that will take years perhaps to fully be accepted and recognized but nonetheless it is the revolution and the miracle we have all been waiting for. Imagine this miraculous effect of the god essence being birthed within our cells and with such event abilities will begin to open up. Past lives will be more easily accessible and parallel realities will begin to coexist in a more harmonious way.

Due to such event also many have begun to experience the need to sleep less and will have experienced by now many sleepless nights. The ringing in the ears has also increased as well as the buzzing of the head. You might have begun to hear sounds and to see lights and orbs of light. You might also be experiencing emotional and physical turmoil as the deeper traumas and stuck energies begin to come to the surfaced to be healed and cleared. Greater mental clarity will happen immediately after the mentioned symptoms balance out. There is hope on the other side of change, so be patient and above all be kind to yourselves. Once you process, anchor and balance the energies you will be pleasantly surprised by all the new gifts you will begin to uncover. Including new forms of spirit communication and new forms of psychic abilities.

Personally I have been experiencing lack of sleep more pronounced since the 16th of December of 2014. In fact this moment that I’m writing is 4 am and I feel energized and clear after sleeping for 5 minutes about 3 hours ago. At first I was getting irritated because I wasn’t sleeping much but I’m finally taking advantage of the quiet taking place as the city sleeps. The first three days of January I spent them in bed feeling flu like symptoms and sweating at nights without even being hot. I also slept deeply and felt sleepy for the first time in months. I know it was due to the shock wave of energy that impacted our planet and also because of the many changes and shifts our Sun is experiencing as well.
On a brighter note you will begin to crave less and less food, of course the amount depends on how much energy work you do as well. Follow your bodies intuition and you will be in great hands. We are in the middle of such miraculous shift and this is something that can’t be denied. Your discernment will also begin to take on a new form as you are constantly being exposed to new truths.

Also allow your shadows to come to the surface without judgement upon them or on yourself. This will allow you to enter the flow of yourself and will make your owns shifts much easier and less painful. Remember we are mirrors of our reality. Notice who many false flags are occurring all over the world? How much discord is being shown on the news? It is because the handlers are becoming more and more desperate and are becoming aware of the fact that we are becoming immune to their lies. They are becoming sloppy in their work through their desperation. I also remind you dear family that now is the time when we must remain as grounded as possible and to put in our overtime to break on through to the other side of who we are.

Upon allowing your dark emotions and your shadows to surface to be healed make sure to take full responsibility of them. We as a species need to learn to be responsible for our behaviors and for our actions specially in those times when we do not feel well. We must always strive to do our best and even when you feel like you are about to break make sure to own yourself and own your energy because it is in these moments when we show our true colors. We always mirror or reflect our energies and most of the time it is only in an effort to see how those energies might be affecting us. Even giving heads up to our loved ones can be of great service to them and will allow us to either give us the support or the space necessary to regroup.

Here is a great and simple exercise that will help you process faster the changes taking place within:
1) Begin by breathing very fast at least five times then taking in a deep breath, hold it for the count of ten and then release.
2) Next take several slow and deep breaths to oxygenate your brain and body even more.
3) From your heart send out a ray of pink light into the soul star about 12 inches over your head and from there out to the universe, allow a few seconds to feel the connection.
4) From your crown send a ray of silver light down through your body and feet and sense for your earthstar. From your Earthstar keep on sending the silver ray and anchor it or weave it into the crystalline core of Mother Earth.
5) After about 30 seconds or so or a few breaths feel the expansion of the two rays embrace your entire body, then your aura, your emotional, mental and light bodies. At this point you should be like a three dimensional star with rays coming out in every direction.
6) From this point begin to breath in a Golden bluish color that is flowing down through the ray you sent out from your heart. Take in this light and send out into every cell of your body and feel it expanding and merging with the start of light that is now surrounding you.
7) Breath in the codes of light that the Golden Bluish light is now running through your entire essence. this is a holy blessing that is being granted by Mother God.
8) Enjoy the dance of the golden ratio!

Life is becoming more and more enjoyable even for those of us star seeds who have had a hard time adjusting to this heavier frequency reality. We must keep on being strong as it was our choice to be at the forefront of this transformational revolution. We after all are serving as buffers and as antennas and are grounding and receiving the downloads meant to awaken us to our highest light.

Humans are indeed on the verge of bursting out into the galactic scene. We are indeed in the cusp of galactic citizenship and as such we must rise to the occasion and be ready to accept our star brothers and sisters. They are constantly cheering us on and are offering as much assistance as is possible without having to the the work for us. Imagine yourselves already living and acting and feeling as a galactic citizen and then true reality will unfold right before your eyes.

Let us then welcome this temporal shift and the new timeline within light unification. This can now be a much easier process. We are aligning to our true selves and it is within our own hearts where the key resides. We must love life to the fullest and in doing so our unity begins to emerge. We are indeed as one and we must treat everyone as part of the same organism called life, God or higher power. We are then opened to the beauty of who everyone is and we begin to love and respect each others exactly as we deserve. We are beyond the control of the handlers, lets make this revolution and transformation one to be remembered through the ages.

Nature is joyfully embracing the new energies and amping its clearing of the atmosphere in order to clear the sky of light blocking solution. We will indeed see many changes take place very shortly.

Live, Love, Laugh!



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