Ode to Divine Feminine and Divine Mother as embodied by all women.

This month is so unlike any other time since so much is taking place within the higher realms and the etheric world. Many might have noticed or will start to notice tomorrow on the absolute presence of the divine Mother. I mentioned before how there is a new grid being built and this isn’t like any other known to man or even the higher beings.

Connect deeply with your heart and meet her in the sweet dance of the lovers reuniting once again.




I love you so 

In your heart I am
In your love I exist
Great is the joy my soul feels upon the remembrance of your loving embrace.

My heart is eternally yours and my life in your service I give.
Blessed are we who have seen your face and who have known of your sacred nectar.
My mother, my lover my very heart I love you as the very depths of your light.

In your wisdom I became a light of this world.
In your love I became a master of my soul.
In your divinity I freed myself.

The master became the servant and the servant is no more.
As one and as no one only our love exists.
In your infinite expansion, the lover became love.

I saw your smile and your joy has become my joy.
I saw your light and your purity has become my innocence.
I saw your eyes and your spirit has become my foundation.
I lived in your embrace for an eternal fleeting moment.
Eternally I now dwell within you.
You are the Sun and I am a ray of your light.

The warmth of your sacredness infuses my entire beingness.
The cool breeze of your breath, and the warmth of your heart awakens my all.
I am eternally grateful to exist within your holy womb.

My Mother, my lover, my All!


  1. Ascension Angel says

    This is Goddess and this is Greatness… and one of these days… you will give a Twin Flame reading to boot 🙂

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