Life as a creation within change

Enjoy this simple truths that I think are a very powerful step into our awakening.


Life as a creation within change

Existence and existentialism are an intricate reality. We as a species have been made minuscule or to at least believe that we are minuscule not only in being but in essence. Religion has been a major cause of loosing sight of the main reality presented by life. Religion as a form of dogma is limiting when a creator is given the role of a judge and punisher. By no means am I speaking against any form of religion as religion at its core can be a beautiful experience if centered in the heart and in the presence of the true Creator.

We must all remember the Creator is deeply weaved within our very essence. Humanity therefore is the direct manifestation of the divine. By understanding such a simple truth we must then project and mirror back that reality into the surrounding world. In doing so we can embrace the world itself as the direct manifestation of the divine.

A simple truth that has been weeded out of our hearts and minds but never from our souls. The truth that we are all one with the creator. The truth that we are the creator experiencing itself. It is a matter of either being awake or asleep. Where do we learn and love the most? In our waking days or in the days of being asleep within the reality of illusions? I know such questions can be answer by each and everyone of us in the simplest of forms. Every single individual deep in their hearts wishes or desires only to reconnect with the divine.

Life as life is the simplest and the most beautiful of miracles.

Life has a divine flow as the essence of life is the sacredness in action. Action and non action are not a form of duality but a movement and an expression of creation. When action and non action merge in that very instant the absolute manifests as purity in the Eternal moment of love. How can we translate the eternal moment of love in terms that society can understand? We must first begin to see life through the eyes of wonder. Wonder evokes innocence and purity of the deepest kind. How can one easily evoke wonder? Just breathe… By breathing and observing the process of life becomes more and more apparent. A mind and a heart can easily view the wonder of breath as it is through such action and non action that the eternal moment of love can be attained.

I wish not to speak in riddles but in simple terms in order to convey the message of being in observance in the deepest state of the self. I am but a simple man with simple thoughts and simple way of life yet in such simplicity I am discovering that living life in the simplest of forms is the most gratifying and the most extraordinary form of life. Day by day through my solitude, through my communion with myself and through my continuos observance I am learning so much more than by reading any books or forms of literature. I have become my own teacher and in doing so the entire world has become my most venerable teacher.

Recently while giving an energy upgrade to a friend of mine she received a beautiful message and I am including part of her message as it was such a beautiful divine truth. “Love the purest form of divinity is your strength and through such you can overcome the myriad of delusions and illusions presented to you daily. Be centered in your sacred heart moment by moment and you will part take of the greatest truths in all of existence. You shall remember your lineage and your heritage.” I find it invaluable, simple and powerful. A truth that needs to be taught from the beginning of our lives and to be instilled so deep that we never forget it. If we all lived by such a truth life here in this beautiful 3D reality would take on the magnificence of the higher realms. We would no longer live life trying to scape into higher realities because it would be here that our experience of the divine would become the most substantial and the most exquisitely beautiful and pure.

Society needs to be formed as a mirror of our natural surroundings in order for our lives to find balance. Now let me go back to the simple act of breathing, a natural biological process that holds key to the universe within. In breathing there is a key to awakening the power of creation. Through inhalation we enter action and in exhalation we enter non action and absolute zero in the moment in between. Energetically those three acts represent the Holy Trinity. What that means is with every breath taken we are invoking the presence of the divine trinity and when unified they create Eternal Moment of Love. It is no wonder that through the ages every sage and master and divine master has always focused on such simple act.

We must awaken to our true nature

Humanity is indeed at a crucial point in its existence. We must now make the choice for change in the direction of peace. In realizing peace must always come from within in order for one individual at a time to change the collective. Now peace can be easily attained if we learn to still the mind and to live in the eternal moment of love. Stillness can not be attained if we are constantly focused on outside circumstances. I know I am repeating a truth that has been echoed through the ages by many masters and yes I am taking the time to remind all of you. We must live in the highest state of being possible for each one of us. Together through resonance we shall make the changes necessary for us to attain the golden era of the self and the collective within unity.

We must focus our energies and attention on bridging our hearts to the higher realities in order to manifest here and now. No longer shall we just reach up but we must anchor down the highest into the lowest to create the required balance for the planet and for our souls. Message after message that I have received and channeled, some of them truly out there in content yet all focus on manifesting the divine here and now. On keeping our power and focus within and to not give it away to outside forces. The greatest power we possess resides in our hearts.

Remembering each and every possible moment who we are will allow us all to release or transform fears and discord. As it is the fear and discord we are fed daily through the media and our incompetent governments that we are kept at arms length and kept us from our selves and true power. Taking responsibility of our well being is the direction needed to realize we are the creators of our reality. By no means am I blaming or pointing fingers since we are always responsible for our highest level of existence.

Living life grounded and in direct communication is extremely beneficial and crucial not only for our physical health but our spiritual health and connection as well. Connecting back into our hearts and therefore developing a closer understanding of the self will allow us a closer understanding of our surroundings. In doing so we will be better care takers of this our beautiful planet. Awakening to the magnificence and the miracles of life is our only route in order to successfully complete this grand experiment.
Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


  1. Ascension Angel says

    This brought smiles… goosebumps too… Minutes earlier I wrote to a friend on how their poetry “evokes such wonder”… then I read this messsage… Creator IS deeply weaved within our essence 😉

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