The Halls of Light, Sacred Flow and the Halls of Infinite Knowledge have been activated!

Hello my dear family, I wish to address a small issue. Some messages to my blog were accidentally erased when my wife removed her email address from my blog as hers was the main contact. Neither one of us intentionally erased any messages or posts.

How you see me is a reflection of yourself!




November was a beautiful month, full of shifts and transitions that opened the door to the amazing influx of energies. We are beginning the approach of one of the most beautiful shifts in energy. I am enjoying this one the most because it is the coming of one of the greatest portals of energy in the history of humanity. We are receiving starting on the 16th and actually fully opening on the 22nd the grand codes of the divine feminine. The Female Great Central Sun in conjunction with Divine Mother herself are flowing the divine feminine codes that are balancing the codes from Father God’s Great Central Sun. She is also bridging the new era. The new era will begin shortly after the last codes and activations of the Unification of Light.

The grand influx of light taking place has the blessing of all the representatives of the Divine Feminine. Lady Nada, Kwan Yin, White Tara, Athena, Mother Mary, Isis and so many more are flowing so much love and blessing every corner of our planet and exalting our reality. We are indeed entering the new breath of a new reality that embraces the power of reality lived in complete goodness.

After the activations and the opening to energetic access to the Halls of Amenti permission was granted to connect to the Halls of Infinite Knowledge in the sacred planet of A’Thalan in Andromeda. That activated the Halls of Light in the Pleaidian planet KerDa’Shan and the Halls of Sacred Flow in the Golden Pyramid of Zeus in the Sirian planet of The’ Ethran. Now those planetary initiations happened and are happening to bring the circuit of light to a complete circle.

A reminder that everything that is taking place not only does it show the interconnectedness of every being in creation, but the fact that many humans are star seeds needing to be reawakened in this space in time. Anyhow what is taking place now is the triangulation of those halls and it has created a domino effect not only in our planet but quadrant after quadrant in our creation as our existence expands. Reality as we have known it shall be no more.

Unification of Light

As light takes its motion and evolution to the next layer of existence humanity will unfold. Humanity will begin to realize its origins and its purpose. A purpose that goes beyond ascension. A massive flow in energy that is leading to the awakening and understanding in the sacredness and holiness of the true human. Just like Mother Earth the quarantine held over humans is about to be removed. Humans are changing at a rapid rate and although the world seems in shambles a great pattern is emerging out of such a chaos.

The Relativity of Chaos

Within every layer of existence there is always a pattern and laws that apply to its existence. Within the expansion and the constrictive nature of chaos a pattern emerges that brings it to the perfection represented within nature. I bring to mind the image of yarn of a bunch of cables, have you noticed when gathered and combined they attach to each other? Within the quantum movement of evolution as the flow of energy and forces transcend and transform chaos is formed as well. Within such chaos the beauty of life and existence unfolds in the most beautiful pattern of light. It is almost or perhaps the “opposite” of what the construct and pattern within the flower of life.

I mentioned the relativity of chaos to remind anyone who has gone into fear about things not happening to remember there is flow and power within even chaos itself. The world’s and the planet’s divine pattern is emerging out of all the apparent chaos. Beauty is unfolding and the true self emerging from that.

Truths Revealed

There are many things about to be revealed. Much more will be revealed about the Galactic Seed of Individuality, the energy grid and the chakra system. The time for such truths to be revealed is indeed just around the corner. The truth about suffering and even about karma will also be revealed. Many old and ancient thoughts and beliefs regarding how humans function and how the energy in the human grid functions will be replaced by a higher truth. Also the understanding will be brought forth of truth and the Absolute Truth. Truth is a fluid motion a flowing reality that also changes and evolves.

Learning to live as humans

Amidst the massive changes, influx of light and the fast paced spiritual evolution many have forgotten what it truly means to be human. Being human is such a beautiful experience, and many are so focused in outside influences that they forget the primordial existence here. It will be good to take a moment to breathe and center ourselves with the intention to activated the sacred chambers of the heart so that remembrance can take place.

By empowering ourselves above everything else change will take place much sooner. Awareness is a powerful tool as well as discernment. Many nowadays are focused on E.T intervention to come save us, or cities of light appearing over certain places in the world. Many others are focused in the RV and NESARA when the main focus should always be remembering who we are, and the laws of creation. We shall see a great change and shift but first we must all experience it within our very hearts. Otherwise we will not have the eyes to see! Bring focus back to the inner god and allow it to come forth and hence forth reality shall become clear.

I love the idea of E.T intervention and cities of light appearing all over the world. I always make sure to understand and to use discernment in order to not be misled into a path of deception and disillusionment and resentment. Time to be free and sovereign my dear family and remember power comes from within the self in the form of a beautiful spirit a wonderful expression of the divine.
Acceptance and appreciation

Acceptance and appreciation of our reality is a must. We must not use ascension and any other idea and principle as an escape into something better. We should always see every level we exist in, including our 3D reality as eternally beautiful. In doing so we must show and have the upmost gratitude and life will become brighter wherever we exist. Life is a mirror of itself, layer upon layer the divine truth is infused. How can we expect to see the beauty in 5D when we are so eager to dismiss the beauty of 3D? In remembering the beauty this our beloved planet has to offer now just as she is then a greater understanding will develop and we will become more relaxed in manifesting life here rather than to be thinking to escape this wonderful existence. Every layer of reality from the lowest to the highest carry the codes of life and the laws of creation equally, meaning we shall thrive at every level and always make the best!

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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