New Rays, and New Forces are now being manifested through the Great Central Sun and Father God


I have talked so much about the levels of light that we are receiving. We are on an accelerated path to light unification. That path has placed us now in a sort of observance of the self. The self being pitted against the self so to speak. This isn’t about competition though, it is about acceptance of our lowest level of the self. By accepting our humanity, our weaknesses and frailties as humans we are allowing for growth to occur at a human level. It is so easy to grow spiritually now that the energies are so high but we have to also learn to move our frailties along and now make them into strengths.

November has been a month that energetically did not disappoint. It came with many surprises. One being the sealing of portals of darkness all around the globe by a small group of us. If you who are reading this took part of such venture, I give you and the masters give you the greatest gratitude for stepping up to the task. Owning our responsibilities was extremely necessary. We wether it is a couple or just 11 of us have power to transform our planet into something more beautiful. Through the closing of the dark portals and the permanent protection of light through the union of the trifecta of light; Golden Buddha Force, Complete Violent Flame and the Perfect or complete Christ Force gave birth to something really beautiful. Now the awaited disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life and many more secrets will be a lot easier to be exposed since the dark powers opposing it have been cut off from most of their power source. Life as we know it shall be no more as we have now entered a stage in our reality that is past the point of no return.

It all started to change drastically on the 22nd of September and I have written an article about it where I talk about the unification of light now taking place. The 22nd of November has been key day, although it started a day or two before. What took place and will be taking place until the next change over on the 22nd of December is a powerful movement of light. The Great Central Sun through the grace of our Divine Father has begun to fully merge with the codes and energy of the Great Central Sun female. They will be fully merged by the 22nd of February 2015.

The 22nd of November marked the point of the great influx of the new force being given out by Father God together with the Great Central Sun. New rays of force and of light are necessary to begin our body’s transformation and awakening of the codes already existing within. This new ray and new force being presented carries a very unique type of gold energy. It isn’t just the regular blessed golden light. This new quality of gold is here to infuse us with a more powerful form of manifesting energy. What that means that from this point on our power to manifest will be more pronounced and much more powerful. This new power focuses on the positive creation of a new reality, of which we are all a part of creating. We are being given this blessed power because we are in many ways ready, regardless of the apparent imbalance all over the world.

A new level and frequency within ourselves is now being awakened. We have many multidimensional layers all within the space of our sacred hearts. All those layers and levels are now being unfolded in order for the dimensional layers to be accessible in order to also tap into the new dimension around Mother Earth where new forms of manifesting are now accessible and possible.

As above so below, or shall I say “as within the All so within the human heart.” We are now starting to become the great mirrors and carriers of the divine form. Levels of understanding and awareness are now being accessible and can be tapped for now via meditation and eventually they will be available to those with clear minds without needing to fully stop in meditation in order to access this great forms of energy and forces.

All this leads to what is really taking place that is very powerful and concerns us all as humans. We are beginning to descend, or better said, our higher selves have begun to descend. What that means is the separation between our humanity and our divinity is disappearing and we are starting to realize the truth about who we are. There is indeed no separation between who we are as humans and as higher beings of light because we are all at once.

The reason why I’m bringing this to the attention of all is that so many are so focused in what is happening outside of ourselves. Yes there are so many beautiful things taking place and the universe itself is unfolding right before our very eyes, but so is our true identity unfolding right within ourselves. The descend of our higher selves into physical reality is a signal of the steps we have all taken. We are now becoming ready to be the divine with have always carried within.

Through the descend of higher consciousness into the reality we are existing now in, is like the meeting between dimensions as we are being pulled together by all forces of creation. This is leading into the grand transition of the lowest and the highest into the next level of itself. As this transition is taking place many of you will start experiencing certain symptoms that are very familiar already. The feeling of vulnerability, cold and flu like symptoms, clearing deep emotional trauma and so on. The kicker is, not only are we doing it for ourselves individually but we are doing it for every one who isn’t aware yet. We are processing at a planetary level.

Many talk about ascension which is our natural human process but it is now time to start talking about the descend of higher energies into our lower reality. Reason why that is happening is that we need to be reminded of what the purpose of our existence has always been… to manifest the divine into this reality as conscious beings. When a descend of the higher self happens for a period of time you will be left feeling extremely human. Vulnerable and yet still very connected to the subtler frequencies and vibrations.

Our focus needs to change and we need to start paying closer attention to what is taking place within us. Many including myself were focusing on higher energies and were not focusing on the higher energies awakening within. Yes there are portals of light being opened every single day all through out creation. It is now time to pay closer attention to the minuscule portals of light opening and awakening our cellular structure to greater divinity each and every day.

There are true divine miracles taking place within us every second and through every breath we take. It has been ordained to be so and now it has taken greater presence and importance. My dear family awaken to the greatest power and disclosure taking place within your very own hearts, your very owns cells. Bring focus back to yourselves and stop worrying about E.T disclosure and so forth as by our focus and intention change will take place. Be the disclosure and the change you wish to see. Be love and power and presence of self and through that power let’s change the world!

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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