My God is better than your God


My God is better than your God

Throughout history the lack of tolerance for individual belief system has been the root of much violence and discord. Focusing on the wrong aspects of life has led empires, and great civilizations to crumble under the weight of its own misconceptions and need to control. Humanity as a whole has been almost destroyed over the lack of tolerance not only from every one but also from a few misguided souls who believe they are above the rest.

The simple fact that the majority of humans refuse to believe the existence of life outside of the planet is a step backwards. Failing to see the fact that every single living organism is interconnected has been extremely detrimental to the spiritual evolution of society as an entity. A loud wake up call is necessary so that we may all experience a beautiful and smooth transition into our true path.

It is always the ones who talk the talk but do not walk the walk that are always creating chaos within the system of life. Notice how true spiritual beings, spiritual masters never involve themselves in the acts of hate or detrimental action. In fact their words and actions are always one and the same that we are all Love and we are all springs of the one true source of divine existence.

Regardless of different belief systems or views or even names of a source, a god or goddesses, truth is we are all heading in the same direction. We have simply chosen our own unique paths. We shall gain more by simply smiling to one another and supporting our journey and we shall overcome our feelings of separation, and be as one team.

When one group or entity believes that it is the only one holding the absolute truth, or that his/her words are the only ones closest to the absolute truth, within that very statement has already failed to bring forth the absolute truth at its fullest. We then become like the story of the blind men describing the elephant. Thinking they each knew the truth when in fact they were each bringing parts of the whole. We are all bringing parts of the whole.

We are bridges of reality. We are the ones manifesting the absolute truth by our simple living and understanding of life. Being in space of love and tolerance we do so much more than just wanting to convince others that we hold the best truth. The same goes for those of us who channel heavenly beings and other masters and their messages. Not one of us holds the absolute truth but together if united in true love and tolerance we are painting the greater picture as one.

I have since early childhood wondered as to how it is possible for humans, at least those in my surroundings to blindly follow a religion or a set belief system so blindly. They then create a reality based on a truth that has no merits other than what the religion of the belief system dictates. At this point that reality becomes warped and unstable. This is the reason why so many empires have fallen.

It is through true direct experience of the divine when one can speak of absolute truth because it is then that we are expressing the divine through us. There is a difference in divine expression and expressing terms from a book or a channeling that has come through a filter. Each channeling has to go through the filter of the one writing it. The clearer the channel the clearer and purer the message. Always the purest messages come written within a mathematical formula that holds within each word, and each sentence codes and activations to awaken the reader to a greater version of him/herself.

Know this then, the heart is the greatest tool we posses for discernment. Make sure to discern whether your experiences are mind created or heart expressed. As the mind can be easily made to believe something is not, and something that is can be made as false. It is how we can fall into the traps of chaos and mind control. Every aspect of living boils down to how opened our hearts are.

The heart chakra is the powerful amplifier and through the heart one can become whole. The heart center is the one that distributes information to the other chakras and keeps them in alignment. when the heart is opened miracles occurred. All the other chakras are there to support this magnificent amplifier. I am mentioning this as the point being to always follow your heart and to always discern any written material through the power of love stored in your heart. Channellings that tap into that power are closer to your truth and the absolute truth.

There is a powerful truth “ Every single being, particle in existence will undoubtedly evolve back into its true form of existence.” As such sooner or later humanity shall evolve back to the grand creator and that can happen smoothly when we are in the heart in love and tolerance of the rest. Allow for common sense to be your guide and stop avoiding your responsibility to take your spiritual growth into you own hands. It is our responsibility to own our power and form the whole as a true united organism.

I have said it before and I will say it again, “ We are the bridges and portals of love.” Lets unite in this journey of exploration and growth. Tolerance can be our salvation and our uniting point. Once united nothing shall hold us back. I appeal to your inner sense, to your common sense and to your higher self to take a look within and make that quantum leap into unity. Humanity united will be the greatest miracle we will ever witness in our societal existence. We shall create the greatest change and revolution. Nothing and no one shall ever hold us back if we for once agree to agree and to even disagree in complete peacefulness.

And No “ My God is not better than your God, Your Christ is not better than mine either. “
My God and Our Christ are the spring of life and the birthers of existence..the carriers of love. Our love united it is indeed better than a perceived love of separatism.

Love, live,life and definitely dance as you partake of the greatest breath of existence.

“As a beautiful flower with a divinely sweet fragrance creates a holy pollination of love so shall we build the rainbow bridge that will open the song of the heart.”

I am Na Hi’El

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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