The Trifecta of Light, Love and Creative Force

The Lovelution is here….


Calling on all who this resonates as truth. I will be honored to work with you all side by side.



Hello my dear family of light weavers and love weavers. As the influx of light continues to increment in enormous intensity many truths and untruths are becoming visible for those who have the eyes to see. The layers separating multidimensional reality are becoming thinner and thinner, specially the one between our “3D” reality and 5D. According to my divine knowing a powerful level of light is sweeping the entire quadrant on our side of the galaxy in order to bring order to the chaos created by darkness.

The sweeping of light concerns us because the remaining agents of darkness in our solar system and specially in our Mother Earth have been working meticulously and have been undaunted in their attempt to remain within the lower realms. Since the frequency of light is increasing they are truly getting desperate and are pulling all the stops. They are not only using very advanced technology to interrupt the natural spiritual evolution of our planet and her inhabitants, they are also bringing a quality of darkness that should not be present within our system.

Fortunately, in their desperate attempts they are becoming sloppy and are also leaving themselves vulnerable in order for light to counter measure their attempts to stomp on disclosure which is a crucial part of your evolution. Disclosure doesn’t just have to do with the existence of extraterrestrial life, but also with the existence of advanced technology that will revolutionize your lives. Also the truth embargo will be canceled by disclosure itself and many truths will be revealed. Absolute Truth can not be hidden for long.

A few days ago as I was clearing myself and releasing patterns of pain and addressing aspects of my ego that needed my attention, I seemed to have tapped into the frequency that allowed me to detect the existence of certain black or dark portals. Those portals were installed and activated by the forces of darkness or evil. They have been activated in order to bring the forces of chaos within our reality to pollute the enormous influx of light going on. Although the portals are not strong enough to pollute the light, they are succeeding in weakening the spirit of humans in the surroundings of those portals. The portals seem to be magnifying any and all lower vibration emotions within our planet but are also bringing here old pain and hurt from past events in our planet but also form the dark side of creation.

By decree of heaven they have been unable to be fully successful in completely tapping into the darkest spheres as divine change and evolution have been ordained. There was a task force or team of light beings set in place to counteract those effects and they have been very successful in balancing our planet. Since we exist in a reality of free will another step is necessary to fully shut them down. The power of humans who join in to bring change by manifesting a trifecta of light in each place will tip the scales in the favor of light. By visualizing and invoking the power of golden innocence from the golden light of Buddha, the transmuting and alchemical power of the violet flame and the absolute force of evolution within the perfect Christ force. A powerful and extremely revolutionizing tsunami of love, alchemy and clarity of innocence through combining them as one takes place. By doing so you will bring into your reality the presence of beings of light who were born of such a union and who by their presence alone will be uplifting your planets frequency. Change is here to stay and evolution of light is here to stay.

Humans are amazing transformers of light and catalysts of change and growth. It is no accident you have been kept under control for so long as darkness fears your abilities to even change them into beings of light. You have the absolute possibility to be of light and darkness at the same time, as such you are bridges for both. You can bridge the understanding between both and act as the meeting ground for the greatest revolution of all. Remember when light and darkness are balanced a void or nothingness awakens and true possibilities become real. The possibility to change existence was given to you and you are doing so but now it is the time to take the reigns of your lives and as sovereign beings take hold of your power and follow your own path as you move forward into lovelution.

By combining the Golden Buddha force, the violet flame and the perfect Christ Force you are giving birth to a gateway that allows Holy beings to bless your reality, to bless your evolution and to actively assist you in the closing of the portals of darkness. Imagine beings so beautiful and in synch with creation’s evolution who embrace you in their purity. The possibilities for your own evolution as you assist the All are exponential and limitless.

The dark portals I found are present in Syria, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan and they even wish to open another one in Tehran. The reason why those places were susceptible and vulnerable to the opening of those portals is because the main ley lines in those areas were affected and damaged by all the chaos going on around the planet. Believe me there would be many more if they had succeeded and in fact recently they are so bold that even tried to open one in the Mount Shasta Area. They wanted to open one in Japan, Mount Fuji area and because among other things they failed they targeted the island with their advanced technology to disrupt the energy and thus the big earthquake took place. Which is still causing damage due to the pollution caused by radiation.

I am now here coming to those who heed this call for your assistance in joining me and the beings of light who will be assisting us in forming an energetic grid for all of us to connect and to consciously and actively manifest change into our reality. Every day for 11 days at 11 in the morning or the evening, your intention will be the driving force starting on 11/11/14. Here is our chance to change things by claiming our power and sovereignty. By closing those portals disclosure will be easier to take place.

The Trifecta of Light, Love and Creative Force
Make sure you do this in a very ceremonial way as this is indeed a sacred energy being activated in order to bring the necessary frequencies to bring healing to those areas.By following this technique you will be activating gateways that have been waiting to be opened since the beginning of time.
Using three candles to represent the pillars of light could help you with your visualization. Also remember with each day that you do this process and energetic and DNA upgrade will take place for you. One of the perks of being of service I should say!

1) Start by grounding yourself: Connecting a cord of light from your root chakra which will activate the five new earth stars under your feet. Then visualize that cord connecting to the core of Mother Earth were you see another you in a membrane that resembles you being in the womb. From here send another cord into the core of New Earth and again see yourself loved and embraced the way a child would in the mother’s womb. Take your time in grounding as this is the foundation into how much light you can call forth and flow through you.

2) From your heart send a ray or a cord that through your intention and the phrase Re Ki Hi Da Ara Na connects with Divine Undifferentiated Source. It is here that your ray or cord will split into three. Each one will connect with the purest form of the Golden Buddha Force, the Violet Flame at full force, and the Perfect Christ Force.

3) Start to bring those three rays down and feel them merge within your hearts with the qualities of Mother Earth and New Earth energy. It is at this point that you can visualize Syria, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine,Pakistan each with pillars of light representing the Golden Buddha Force, the Violet Flame at full force and the Perfect Christ Force. The pillars will be in a triangular formation and connected at at the base. Once connected they will star projecting a star of light into the very center of the triangle and by repeating the phrase Le Ki En Ra Da Na ‘El Se Ham, the purification and transmutation and then the sealing process will take place.

4) Stay in meditation and watch the magic take place. Together we are a powerful beyond imagination. Unity consciousness working to perform miracles. So it is!

The symbol below stands for the pillars of light you will be calling in, the middle part represents their unified energy. Print and use it if you feel it necessary.



Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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