Update on Unification of Light and Recalibration Symbol


My Dear Family of Light,

It is through the absolute love in my heart that I greet you and bring you this new update. May the love of life and the new change embrace you at your deepest core and may you see yourself as the Divine Self.

October has been and keeps on being an incredible month. A month of manifesting our holy divine essence. Much is and keeps on taking place in the inner realms. My own experience of this month has been an amazing one, and I have been extremely busy in the inner realms as well as in my day to day life.
On the 16th I had a very interesting dream. My dream started by seeing myself in a house I was familiar with but did not recognize. For some reason there was a tv, the ones with a wooden frame. I tried to turn it off and electrical sparks started flying because my energy was affecting it. Next I walked away and into an under ground NASA base, as I walked through the corridors there was a young man running around, screaming to the top of his lungs “ We have an ET, we have an ET.” I then saw myself in the main control room and noticed there was a sort of space cabin. Suddenly on the speakers it was announce the boy had infiltrated NASA and what he was saying was a hoax. Next I went outside and was walking towards an older man when behind me noticed the Sun was deeming as the solar eclipse had begun. The Sun practically disappeared and to the right Jupiter or Mercury kept fluctuating in and out of the picture, then it disappeared and Saturn appeared. The planets were so close and big that I could see Saturn’s ring. Then in front of Saturn and closer to me the full bright moon appeared.

Reason why I mentioned the dream is that on the 16th there was a huge shift and a thinning of the veil which allows for a greater connection to greater source of light. The 22nd being another day of turn over in energy, and the 23rd acting as a marker of the new phase of light unification activations. The 24th and the 25th will be powerful days as the beginning of the newer codes that will allow the New Human template to be integrated and manifested by a larger group of humans as a natural process. For others it will be a day of activations and initiations given through group healing. Also for many of you who are ready to transcend limited consciousness much will be revealed in subtle ways and then in much more substantial forms.

I also feel my dream symbolizes the powerful impact the new energies will have in the process of disclosure. As many will realize it isn’t necessary to wait for any government to make such announcement but to simply take matters into their own hands in order to manifest the long awaited contact with our star family. We have to take full responsibility for our oneness and our unity consciousness to become a reality now much more than ever, as long gone are the days when a savior would swoop down to rescue us. We are our own saviors as we are incarnations of the divine, we were sent here to be the greatest experiencers in order for our divine creator to know Him/Her Self as part of the greater picture.  We do not have to wait any longer for the choices and decisions to be made on our behalf, it is time my dear family. One at a  time and then together we have the power to change history.

We have and are becoming so powerful as we embody more and more our Mighty I Am Presence. On top of that such aspect of ourselves has evolved yet again. Our Mighty I am Presence is taking on the new qualities necessary for the new human template to be manifested. Divinity will finally take form and shape in human form through all of us. There are already many divine humans present on this reality who are upholding the energy for the rest until the perfect time when all of humanity becomes or embodies divinity. The colors and qualities and the ray connections have evolved within the Mighty I Am Presence and it is that very reason why we will begin to awaken the higher aspects of spirit.

Light is in a constant state of motion and stillness at the same time, which might seem contradictory thus making the absolute contradiction and the absolute truth. The soul, the spirit have existed since the beginning of creation and existence, and have always carried within the codes necessary for the greatest awakening into the next level of evolution of soul and spirit. All of that is taking place now in conjunction with the Unification of light. In fact that is necessary and much needed in order for all of us to become aligned with the New Light and its greater vibratory frequencies.

Mother Earth and our entire spiritual Government are preparing as they are also evolving in order to aid us to their greatest capacity in order for us to take the mantle of governance. The spiritual hierarchy is expanding at a rapid rate in order to match the accelerated pace in which all of creation is evolving. I can go as far as to say that much of what is known regarding the ascended masters and their teachings is becoming outdated and new information is now being channeled and shared in order to bring everyone up to speed. Over a year ago I had the honor of being contacted by the higher aspect of Jesus/Yeshua and it was then I learned of the New Light and the evolution of spirit. At the time I was directed not to share such information as it wasn’t my place to bring it to public knowing. Every single known and unknown ascend master has grown and they are sharing their new ways of working with energy. The main rays of light guiding our evolutionary path have also expanded and have changed in color and quality in order to be up to par with the Unification of Light.

What can be expected in the days to come is an avalanche of codes and initiations that will bring us closer to our divine heritage. For many who are at the forefront, that has or is taking place now. We are all being aligned to embrace the power of our holy divine selves. Time for true manifestation is here and will continue to increase all the way through February 22, 2015. From that day on as we begin to exist on a new timeline and a new reality, we will be in constant action of thought and will be able to create powerful a beautiful new reality of love. We will begin to have the awareness to only manifest that which is for the highest best not just for the individual but for the all.

Full manifestation of love is taking place my dear family. Let’s unite as one and manifest the greatest movement of love and lets see humanity’s ascension take place in this eternal now. With our power to manifest lets only focus on love and transcend old behaviors in order to move beyond the the farce and propaganda of fear being fed all over the world by those misguided souls.
If love is with us then the power of creation is behind as well as within us.

Happy loving thoughts all the way, with the powerful awareness that what we focus on is what we will attract. It has been said before but it bears fruit to repeat once again… “Love is our way and our freedom and our path to liberation!”

Also announcing on the 25th of October Absolute Radiance will be guiding a Sacred Heart Group in beautiful Mount Shasta in order to initiate and activate those present into the New Human Template and the Sacred Ascended Heart. For details email at Iamlightdivine@aol.com

I present you with another code which will help you in the process of Unification of Light. This is a powerful source of codes and activations. Meditate on by taking in through eyes and hands in order to recalibrate your energy system.
Leki Ara Ki Am Serah che So Ri chi Siki Le Ha Ra


Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


  1. Ascension Angel says

    Thank you my friend… You’re one of the the most uniquely gifted Lightworkers out there. I’ve been feeling so great since the healing session 🙂 Stay posted for updates from K.E.M. 🙂 Love, David

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