The Senior Council of Light Has Given the Go Ahead! Light Unification Code Symbol


Hope you are all experiencing the magic spreading in miraculous ways all around you and within you.

All my love to you dear family,


Gateway after gateway has been activated and integrated into the totality of the energetic grid of our planet and so our DNA has been slowly activating to match the frequency surrounding us daily. Many are experiencing a myriad of ascension symptoms that for many they can be easily transmuted. Tonight as the full moon is upon us I was guided and given a simple technique to transmute and transmit the energy into your body and to pass it into your surroundings.

Visualize a tube, some might know this as the pranic tube. By simply visualizing this tube fully opened and sticking out of your crown at least one foot over and same thing under your feet. Through your breath and your focused intention start intending to breath through this tube, and take in the power not only of this full moon and the lunar eclipse but the codes entering our reality moment to moment. By breathing at least for 10 minutes you can gather energy which you can then transmit and direct into all your chakras and any part of your body. I know I’m a little late in providing this info but at the same time the eclipse will affect us even after it has passed. This technique can be used any time from now on.

All of this events are all leading up to the 22nd of each month for the next five months culminating on the 22nd of February, 2015. On each 22nd it will be a huge turn over that will catch a great momentum into the new reality, the golden ascension is indeed upon us. As I mentioned in my previous post on the 22nd of September We started through the signal of True Divine Source the unification of light.
On the 22nd of October the Great Central Sun Male will start to merge with the Great Central Sun Female. It will be then once they merge when unification of light will begin.

I have recently met in dream state and during my daily communications with the Senior Council of Light. The Council which passes the orders to the other councils, Andromedan, Pleaidian and galactic federation of light. What I can share is that the go ahead has now been given to start the procedures for direct contact with more and more individuals. Many more sightings will also start to happen in the following five months. Ships will start revealing themselves in a more pronounced manner as to not have any doubt they are here. Our galactic family to which we belong since there really isn’t any separation, will be communicating through dreams with many of us to prepare us for the actual meeting.

What is to be expected now is the acceleration of consciousness to levels only dreamed of. Many will start to work with full awareness in dream state therefore being able to connect with their soul mission. Star seeds will take part more and more of their mission and will also start to enjoy their incarnations as humans as the realization that time to celebrate our true origins will no longer be asunder. Also a knowing will start to develop and many of your hidden abilities will be realized and uncovered. Your wishes those which are for your highest best will begin to be granted as the universe now more than ever is conspiring to bring you into its fold. Trust your gut, your intuition and let your true colors shine.

Also I would like to share that there will be a large quantity of previously unknown angelic beings revealing themselves. They are here to bring us closer to the grand new beginning. This angelic beings, and masters of the new light will assist us in understanding the works of this new frequency readily available to those willing to push the boundaries of the old paradigm, in order to make it obsolete and to allow the new template be revealed and embodied. With this new reality we now have access to a new light but to many never before experienced frequencies and vibrations. New colors, new tones and new forms of healing will now be accessible. Humanity will start to experience itself as the new human, but in order for that to happen much clearing has to happen thus the truth is being slowly revealed including the plans of the dark elite.

2015 will see many new technologies being revealed and there will also be a recalibration of the weather patterns and will become more stable compared to the previous years. There will be a prevention and a stop will be placed to those who have been altering the weather for their greedy purposes. Their control is coming to an end and the power they have enjoyed for centuries will be dissolved.

Take heed dear family for our awakening is indeed upon us, and those who have seemingly been asleep will suddenly experience a beautiful opening of the heart. As you reclaim your soverignity you shall empower yourselves. You are being empowered day by day through all the changes taking place not only in your physical bodies but in your energetic grid, which is now being felt more and more. The layers and the higher strands of DNA those above the known 12 will also be revealed.

Here’s a gift of a light unification code. For those preparing for all the changes taking place.

Unification of light is the grand new beginning, we welcome it with opened hearts. Let your hearts sing the song of love and allowed yourself to be taken into the new reality, and experience the new light.


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Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014



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