Inspiration and a Decree of the Infinite Self.

As I sent healing to the clouds and united with all the other love weavers who have been praying for rain, I enjoyed my own rain deep within my heart. A rain of love and inspiration.
I share with you my love and a short affirmation/ decree to connect with the infinite self.

In our time of intense and tremendous energetic upgrades we need to have a source of strength so that even when we feel we are running on fumes we can still reach deep down and activate our true strength and ability to manifest ourselves as who we are. At our core we are all infinite love and infinite light as we are intricately connected as part of the ultimate source.

I will repeat myself once again as a reminder to myself and to others, ” our hearts have a divine key that can open doors.” We can have direct access to our closest divine source, our godly spark! When feeling down, depressed or simply tired from the constant bombardment of upgrades and clearing that we all experience at different levels of intensity. It is then the best time to reach within and access that key to activate and open the flow to an infinite source of energy of love and strength. It is this how we can reach and tap into our inner motivation. It is like oxygenating your self with pure heart.

By using our hearts to motivate us we can then catch a second or third breath and keep going strong as the powerful plows we are. We are at the forefront and every now and then we need a pep talk and who better to do it than our very own divine source. Nothing special has to be done other than to bring awareness and intention to your heart and to take deep slow breaths and invoking your key to be used to activate and open the divine door between time and space.
Always remember we were made to love and enjoy every moment of our miraculous existence. Joy should always be an intricate part of every action taken. Whether this be grocery shopping or simply breathing to center and align your energy field. Joy awakens and develops when we go into gratitude. Gratitude is simply powerful as it allows us to see life clearly an without the warped sense of reality we have been accustomed to believe.
Imagine yourself entering your own divine space and discovering and remembering simply how boundless and infinite a being you are. You will simply embrace yourself in deep gratitude and not only that compassion will be given birth the very moment you realize that everything and everyone is just as amazing and brilliant!
The heart is indeed where our origins and our true power resides. All the other chakras and energy system around us are there to support this very simple fact. By simply breathing deep with the intention to align our energy center and our energy field your breath will align and become deeper and slower. At that very moment the heart starts to resonate and through it’s powerful resonance as it opens to welcome you the entire energy system that you are form a shape of thousands if not millions of spiraling petals. All of them streaming and flowing into the heart. You become your own renewable source of self, light and love.

Breathe and be divine flow!

A Decree of the Infinite Self
It is in my light, my holy light where I find my infinite strength.
At the very core of my heart exists an inexhaustible source of life.
I breathe in love of myself, the light of my core.
I am life, I am clarity I am freedom!
Forth pours the well of my holy divine presence and hence I experience myself as infinite self.
My holy divine presence you are the light of my life. My true source of strength and power and I now in this very moment I am willing to accept you, to embrace you and to merge as one.
We are one for we are Source.

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014

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