Our Prayers Have been Answered!


September has most certainly been a powerful and intense month. September has seen the tear down of ego via releasing of old entangled fears. The old paradigm within the human body was torn down to pieces and defragmented. Advanced bursts and pulses of light infused the entire planet thus forwarding the evolution of matter including the human body to the next step needed to accept the light infusions of the phase of encodements embracing everything and everyone on the 22nd of September.

Last week I made a comment to someone regarding the beginning of a shift in energies on the 22nd. Turns out that was the day of the equinox to which I was not aware of, also several channels have given messages regarding this event. On the 21st I stayed awake until 4 am receiving many upgrades and initiations that allowed me to channel a Universal Merkaba.

Energetically it is an amazing quantum leap and so much more. What actually took place on the 22nd in the wee hours was that a signal, a code and an activation was sent from True Divine Source, and this was aimed towards Father God’s Great Central Sun and DivineMother’s Great Central Sun. This is a six stage process which includes the day the pulse was sent with the vibrational codes to activate the male and female Great Central Suns to begin to merge through their grids, or matrices for lack of better word. This process will go on every month moving on to the next phase monthly on the 22nd of each month and will culminate on the 22nd of February 2015. This will culminate in a massive influx of new light/new Earth activations. I usually do not like to give dates due to the fact that time is a perspective based reality, but this time I received it exactly with the dates included.

On the 22nd of September True Divine Source signaled for the unification of Light. Essentially what will be taking place from now until the 22nd of February, 2015 is an expansion and activation of the Merkaba/Light body through cosmic, galactic, creational infusions of light. We will begin to mirror and embody the templates of cosmic, galactic and creational Light bodies. Some might ask why humans? I would answer, “Why not humans?” Another answer is that humans are a big piece to an extraordinary puzzle being put together by all of us. Through our awakening the big picture is being completed.

Love, New Light/New Earth codes are embracing us more day by day. We have finally tipped the scales and this my friends is like closing the curtains to old paradigms and old dimensional realities with a golden brooch,the grand finale has begun! We are being truly blessed in every form and such wondrous happenings can only be met with great gratitude, humility and excitement .
Divine Grace has finally reached every corner of the world. The calls for help, all the prayers to end all the fear and none sense being fed by the pot stirrers ( The handlers and the “elite”) will be gradually answered at first then it will all seem like a big bang of love and grace and absolute compassion. Bask in the excitement my dear family as we are steadily approaching the finish line to our ascension which will lead us to a greater step, dubbed the Golden Ascension which is a highly refined and powerful step and gift being granted for all of our hard work through lifetime after lifetime.

Blessings, love and all my gratitude and acknowledgement to all of us for a job well done!

P.s. I channeled a beautiful Universal Merkaba which will assist and step up the energies of cosmic, galactic and creational activation from this day forth. It gives powerful infusions and recodes the field of expansion. I am offering this in printed form within the United States or PDF file outside the U.S.

If you wish to purchase it visit Absoluteradiance.net and look for universal merkaba symbol.

Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014


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