A vision of Humanity’s Ascension


I’ve had a fabulous vision of what humanity’s ascension will look like. A beautiful choir of hearts singing in unison praising to the one and All. Joy pouring out of the awakened sacred hearts of each and every single one of us. Can you see, can you envision and feel what unity consciousness feels like? The more of us who tap into it the brighter our reality becomes.

A unified field of every single being including our Mother Gaia. All of us singing in love and with love. Our connection and our true bond through the threads of love fully activated and behaving as one. Keys of the heart reverberating and telling the story of the beauty of what being human is like. What a multidimensional being finally awakened feels like. Yes we shall sing the stories of our hearts and we shall share the joy of a heart in bliss and in love with the separation and the unity realized.

That very moment in existence already imprinted and awaiting for the full realization of our sacred hearts we shall transform and ascend creation itself. For we are royalty, a humble beginning finally manifested. Life will greet life and know itself as love divine.

Open your hearts and allow the sacred hearts of all of my selves greet you and awaken you to who you truly are. As in this moment through my words I wish to share my unified self and may my divine key awaken yours. May the love that I am greet and touch the love that you are. May my vision and my song awaken yours. May we sing in unison and free ourselves from the clutches of separation and our true home with harmony and love welcome us once more.

Sing, love, harmony, life, divinity recognized. Feel as you expand and know who you are and who you have always been. Now be always and forever in the Heart of the Eternal Now!!!

Below is how I feel unity consciousness


Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014

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