A Phoenix Named Tega/ Sacred Heart of the Phoenix

Years ago I wrote this about myself as I had a wonderful teacher who gave me the key to my divine self.
This recent shift and changes cleared my heart deeply of so much trauma. I was fully blessed by the support of so many amazing beings, one of them being my lovely wife, who put up with my mood swings.
Blessings to all of you, you know who you are.

I am Tega

I am Love, Love Divine
I give Light because I am light.
I was born of the Well of Infinite Love, of Infinite Light.

My time has come and gone and yet I exist.
I exist for I transcend barriers, I am Love.
I have risen from the ashes of my former self.
I have risen through perceived pain and loneliness, but I know I was never alone, I am Light.

I am one with the Well of Infinite Light, and through him I shine like a thousand suns and yet I am gentle for I am Love and Light.
I am radiant, a radiance of many shades.
When I spread my wings I radiate and infinite rainbow of colors, I reach straight through the heart.

Soaring through the Heavens here and beyond, I know who I am.
I am here to protect, to shine the Light, to share and spread the Well ‘s infinite Love.

I know and I feel my Provider, my Love.
Humbly I bow to you, in reverence I offer my eternal service and my eternal promise.
I shall complete my mission to share and to protect the Light.
I will make you proud and stand in my divinity bestowed upon me by your Love, by your strength .

Your Light has reached the inner depths of my being and softly, lovingly You said to me “You are Tega the Absolute Radiant”
With a feeling beyond words, beyond understanding I stood there and I said to my Provider “I am who I am because you’ve created me.”

Here I am and I say onto You, “I am Tega The Absolute Radiant ”


Copyright Jose Sanchez 2014

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