My Knowing, Dreams and a Dolphin named Al Ci’Ra Hymn

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. I have drawn a symbol related to the Dolphin Al Ci’Ra Hymn who communicated with .
Blessings everyone and May you all lead and live a happy life.

Last night I dreamt of the ocean. I rested next to a crystalline coral structure that rose at least 20 feet in height. It was to my left and I had a sense to be not too close as it would collapse. All around me there was beautiful sand unlike any I have ever seen here as a human. All forms of crystals clear and in many colors.
Then wave after wave from the ocean started approaching and they collapsed the crystalline coral structure. The waves went past the shore. Rather than pulling back as normal waves do they remain calm for a moment or two and then they became alive and turned into smaller and very active wave who then where reaching out to the bigger waves from the ocean.
After that I saw myself in a very old wooden structure which by the way started to break and fall apart with each wave that hit is. I remained in the opposite side knowing it was a necessary event. I felt safe and embraced the event happening right before me. (All I remember )

How does it feel for you to be part of one of the most amazing, exhilarating times in existence?

We are witnessing right before our very eyes a historic shift. When evil is ceasing to be evil and it’s changing its frequency to rise up to the new light and partaking of the greatest evolutionary awakening.
Time for bridges of light, anchors of the new reality, new dimensions to be embraced for the wonderful work they are performing. We have huffed and puffed and plowed our way through dense realities and we are now feeling the dimensional walls crumble and collapse. Our time is now to rejoice and celebrate as support has finally arrived in the form of a new awakening for humanity. It is that awakening that will finally allow us to fully give the best of us and to be financially supported.

Humanity will awaken in a heartbeat at the perfect divine time. In divine time there is no time a sweet and perfect paradox. That awakening will and shall and is manifesting through the song of the heart and the sacred Heart of the eternal now.

The Heart of the Eternal Now

As told to me by beautiful cetacean consciousness. Saw beautiful spirals of energy as they approached me. They spoke of how humanity can only ascend through ascension of the heart. They also spoke of how they are ready to pass down to humanity the codes of the Heart of the Eternal Now which until now they have been the anchors and holders of. Dolphins and Whales are amazing Christed beings who uphold a beautiful essence. They hold the templates of freedom and how to create in the eternal now. They exists in constant communion with the essence of love.

A Dolphin named Al Ci’Ra Hymn Speaks

Our beautiful brothers and sisters we chose to be present in this beautiful planet by invitation of Gaia’s higher self. She is simply an amazing and majestic being who chose to descend from the highest realms to give way to a reality that would allow for growth in the density of transitional time. A reality that engulfs and grounds even the highest of energies thus making them dense and in a sense this is a necessity in order for the absolute beholder to be able to experience itself and to know itself at every level of existence. Do you really believe evil is fighting against the divine creator?
They are part of and in great service of the Beholder. Do you think we blame you humans for allowing murder to happen, for allowing our lives to be taken away?
No we don’t, because we see you
Through our eternal hearts. We know you through our sacredness which is exactly who you are as well. We do feel great compassion for the feeling of separation you have to constantly experience. It is for that very reason that we are here willing to support you until the very end. It is now the absolute best time for humans to behold themselves and to realize they can create the greatest realty through the sacred heart. We shall share a little secret with you, “We love you so much, we even have etheric counterparts of us living in your oceans swimming across your realities. We have wings and seem very angelic. We swim through the currents of love and we are here to see you all the way through. ”
You are great creators, and it is time to shift focus into that of love to experience the greatest sense of freedom any being can ever be a part of. That freedom resides within your hearts. It is there where the sacred key awaits to be activated to magnify your vision of love.

Every being in direct contact with this key has said and we all say “Love is the answer to life itself. ”
Do you wish to be successful, to dream of a better future and to live in a greater reality?
The answer is simple become love, give love and realize yourselves as love. It is there and everywhere. You are love manifested. It is time for that love to drop the veils and to know itself fully as pure love. You have love running through your very veins. No need to deny yourselves the greatest gift of unconditional love which is ready to be tapped into and expressed to its fullest.

Be love, give love, know love.
Al Ci’Ra Hymn

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