Yeshua’s Sacred Heart Symbol and Feelings of 5D

I recently wrote about being in a state of grace in order to advance into the next phase of your life. Today I will write about what it is like to use Divine Grace to either take you into or to give you glimpses of what living and functioning at a fifth dimensional level is like, and beyond.

Before I start I have to admit the past several days have been very humbling. On the 5th of September I channeled a beautiful portal/ map of the new golden age. While drawing it I felt and incredible surge of energy and the room was fully crowded by the presence of Holy Angels. My heart literally sung to the creator with a voice of love. I started speaking in light language and I felt free.

On the 7th of September I connected with Sanat Kumara and Yeshua as his higher form. I channeled two symbols( will share Yeshua’s) one for each being and as soon as I was done I got really hot and started sweating and the I had the cold sweats and body felt light and yet flu like symptoms. I work with a lot of energy but I have to admit the way it has been lately I rest felt it.
One day prior to the fool moon and then while the full moon and the day after I faced my mortality yet again. My “limitations” became apparent and I felt a deep sense of loss and inadequacy. I have to admit I was really taken aback and on top of that I kept on saying how solar flares were affecting me even as they built up. I kept reminding myself to offer my feelings to the universe and to remember to be in a state of grace. Something that was painfully difficult this time around.

Change and transformation can be very scary at times and it is during those times we need to remember we are not alone. Even when we aren’t feeling our best it is good to know those feelings are a transition into something greater. A greater you, one who comes out stringer, braver, lighter at the other end of transition.

Why am I sharing all of these experiences? I’m sharing because I found a great strength in my pain, as I understood how close we are to a tremendous shift in consciousness. Yes we are shifting daily but this one is one to remember, one to acknowledge as it is one for the ages. What I and many are experiencing aren’t just ascension symptoms they are much more and deeper changes than just a mere step up in our reality. We are giving birth to a new human template. A template that is more than crystalline.

That leads me back to what I intended to write regarding using grace to connect to the fifth dimension and beyond. I often through being in a state of grace spend many a moment in a reality very alien to many. Why is it alien in feeling? Because it is an impressive new reality that has been manifested through the extensive work of many light beings and us humans who are advancing beyond our soul and spirit. We now have access to entirely new energies, frequencies and creational energies never before experienced anywhere else. Yes we are fortunate enough to now have access to them.

That new reality is outside and beyond the known dimensional levels talked about by the ancients. It is a fresh new beginning. A place where our ultimate higher selves can grow beyond their old boundaries. It is there we can make changes to our thinking by simply connecting to who we truly are within the confines of this creation. Through our own ascension we have stepped up creation in a way that a new reality was necessary in order to expand.

Fifth dimensional existence from our place in time is a state of being. We are fast approaching the place where manifesting will be a cinch. Until then we need to function according to the old but very real laws of 3d living. Yes we can transcend them as they are pretty much obsolete now.

There are several ways of tapping into 5d and the best and easiest is to do it through the heart. The mind guides the intention but the heart generates the power and opens through its multidimensional key. Yes the heart has a powerful multidimensional key.

Easiest way to get a glimpse and a feeling of what 5d is like is to first ground to Mother Earth. For those of you who have no experience in grounding the fastest, and best way is to imagine roots growing out of your feet all the way to the very heart of the planet. A very etheric yet real crystal with a powerful multidimensional key just like ours.
After you are done grounding center your mind by looking up as if you wanted to see the base of your nose. While you do that think of love or feelings of love and a merging happened of the third eye and the heart. ( It is all a very easy, basic principle. ) now at this point imagine a pulse surfing from your heart, that will act as a key to the dimensional walls. With your mind ask that you wish to access the frequency of 5d. Now seat still and allow for the frequency to be downloaded and your heart to start recognizing the feeling. After a few minutes feelings, visions and/or sensations will begin.
I am including a symbol given to me by Yeshua to activate/strengthen the hearts key through his very own resonance. His presence was a wonderful blessing and it boosted my energy, may it do the same for all of you.

Blessings my dear family and may your hearts key allow you access to a grand new reality and possibilities.



P.s a friend of mine shared picture captured from most recent solar flare. I see a similarity to the symbol.



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