State of Grace


It has been said that it is in giving that we shall receive. I couldn’t be anymore in agreement of such a wise statement. It is by giving in a constant flow of the self when our dormant powers awaken.
When we give the best of ourselves directly from our hearts we become oceans of love and as such we greet each other in the highest light we can possibly be. It is in the very depths of our being ness that we must always see and realize ourselves as the infinite beings we are. Our inner light becomes a sanctuary, and a lighthouse of eternal radiance.

Give an eternal moment of peace by nourishing yourselves simply by giving that which is never ending and always present. I speak of true unconditional love. When we choose to give ourselves of such a love we start to see the world without filters of pain or anger, resentment or disillusion. We see each and everyone and everything as what they are, a true spark of something wholly divine.

When we choose to give love, peace, well being and only the highest possible feelings and thoughts we enter a state of grace. In being in a state of grace we become compassionate creators. We enter the flow of existence and separation at an energetic level ceases to exist. Time contracts and disappears thus becoming a holy moment.

When we enter into a state of grace everything becomes effortless. Trivial things such as cleaning the house and scrubbing the gunk from under the sink, it all becomes an action of love. Every breath becomes dedicated to the one Heart of the All. You breathe in love and breathe out love and you become the breath and the love surging through you.

Now entering into a state of grace is as simple as breathing, yes it isn’t something complicated or difficult to achieve. Here’s
What has worked for me time and time again. Start by intending to dedicate every single instant to the divine force that created us and no matter what you are doing, cooking, cleaning, making love or even having a heated argument remain steadfast in your intention to offer every instant to divine service. Our greatest tool and power dwells within our heart and it is by abiding in the law of resonance that we attract one of the greatest gifts available to all… Divine Grace.

Live by grace and through grace and your life will experience beautiful changes all in alignment with your true self. Every breath, every word, every kiss becomes and act of love divine. Life unfolds and veils are no more. Time to live and love!!!

Wishing you all a state of Grace.
I am gifting you this wonderful symbol that will help you increase the flow of your inner light.


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