Holy Creators Through My Knowing

My Dear family so much has been going on with my own transformation. Time is definitely here for all of us to step into our true power. Follow your passion and together let’s realize our vision of a reality filled with peace and unity. Believe it is possible and know that’s why we are here, not to conform but to change the system.

Now introducing my brand new website created by my beloved twin flame and wife. Absoluteradiance.net
There you can find my services as well as some of my programmed candles and merchandise.

For my wife: My dear and deeply loved companion, your perseverance has supported me and strengthen me beyond words. You are one of the greatest and most magical gifts our creator has bestowed upon me. I love you as only love knows how to love.

Holy Creators through my Knowing.

The expansion of the heart portal of light and love has accelerated and will accelerate exponentially in the month of September and on. The new reality taking place within your soul matrix is a sight to behold. What is taking place to humanity and to Mother Earth is the grandest of experiments coming to fruition. Reason why entire creation is supporting you.

Be aware you are all the catalysts to the greatest transformation in the history of existence. Arcturians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Sirians, and every other council and race you can think of they are all here to learn from you. No longer shall you hold your head down before anyone my dear teachers and creators. They are all, we are all here to support you as we are expanding and growing as you do and through you.
Certainly I am speaking to the divine being that you are and by all means do not allow your masks and your ego to balloon through what we are saying. Such wondrous beings you are. As small and childlike you
Seem at times through your behavior. You are all the greatest explorers, worthy of recognition and acknowledgment.

Your light has tipped the scales and all the imminent misfortune foretold are and have been left in the distant timeline where they will be recycled back into the Divine Source. Your Earth and all her inhabitants are clearing and cleansing energetically all the residual karma, all the accumulated emotions and it is all being wiped and replaced by love and light. Light is the only way from now on. Do not concentrate on what is taking place around you but go within and flex your divine heart and allow that portal of love to manifest the reality of love and peace.

My dears, my beloved ones do you not see and realize how truly unique and powerful you are ?
Expand your horizons beyond your limited sight and open your true eyes and evolve into love. Stop looking or waiting to be saved by your extraterrestrial family as
They are here, better yet “you” are here to support your growth but never to do it for you or to save you.
Be your own saviors and unite in an exalted, ascended heart of pure and absolute love and change your reality into one of the New Earth.

Raise your song of the heart and match wave by wave each and every universal and galactic activation coming to greet you,
To love you and to caress you and above all to remind you who you truly are. Be masters now and release yourselves from the burdens of the old existence and model now your new way of life. New Earth is here and now. New heart, new you open such wondrous gift as we all await in great anticipation as to what such a gift will manifest for everyone in existence.
A game a grand new game of extreme and amazing possibilities. Flourish and BE NOW!!

É Ra NaCha Erynia ‘El Ki Cha La

Shar Sa Him ‘El Ki Erah
Symbol below will upgrade your heart energy. It has to do with helping in the ascension process into the sacred heart. Good to hold or to meditate on.



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