We must declare Peace


Greetings my beloved family. Today I would like to talk about empowerment.

When I say empowerment I mean it in the context of becoming sovereign beings above anything else. Believing in who we are and taking action, whether this be in the form of prayer, meditation or awareness. For far too long we have been manipulated and oppressed.

The time has come when we must as a unified consciousness, as a group, as brothers and sisters to unite in our desires and in our wishes to live a happy loving life. No longer does it apply when we think better them than us, no longer are we separated when we can just avoid and not care about our planetary family.

We must take action with our hearts, our thoughts and any other way your gifts allow you to be. It isn’t any more about who is right or wrong. It isn’t any more about our religions and belief systems. It isn’t any more about our race, creed or color. The time is here my dear family for All Of us to unite and to make our intention of wholly embodying peace and to be manifested, to be made available to all of us, as our divine right!

Our differences and our lack of tolerance, our inability to be flexible and loving and to be in the heart, our indifference is being mirrored back a thousand fold. We as a whole, as a unified humanity must pray, must decree and must create a world where peace and love and loving action is our reality.

We must learn from all our family world wide and through conscious awareness change the old paradigm of power and control. It isn’t a matter of who is wrong or right anymore. It is a matter of our very own survival and evolution as a whole. Where will you be when the day of reckoning arrives? How will you feel on that very day, have you taken action to manifest the new reality?

We must ask ourselves what truly is important to us. Comforts, money, belonging come and go but our love as a unified family must remain our main priority our main focus and our sole duty to be that which we desire but not just for yourself but for the entire planet.


From the sacred space of my sacred heart I invoke the power of the trifold flame to be activated.
From the sacred love of the flower of life I now make manifest my highest intent to be free and sovereign for each and every single being of the world.
I now decree we are as one, and as one we shall manifest the New Earth. Peace, love our beacons, our strength.

From the very center of the Holy Creator’s love I now make my intention each and every moment from now till eternity that I stand with divine love, that I stand with divine peace and that I through compassion and the legions of angels of grace invoke the Holy Law to awaken the hearts of Humanity in a unified field of righteous action.

Through the power of my Holy essence I decree a thousand fold the power of my Holy Self be made manifest in divine love, and I invoke Holy Love be made manifest now through my intention to create and manifest the New Earth.

I decree that legions of Golden Angels of Holy Love be now present in this reality and in this time to empower each and everyone to have the conscious awareness to decree Peace and love through the Grace of the Holy Creators.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.
So it is now and through eternity.

The below symbol can be use to invoke and decree in and absolutely safe and loving manner.

Please feel free to support me in my mission to share of my gifts by booking a session or any way you feel you can contribute.





      • Ascension Angel says

        Thank you Jose… it’s been a rough lately as one of my treasured feline friends is transitioning… and while that sounds wonderful, it’s tough! Thank you for the new codes… Archangel Zadkiel? ❤

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