White Tara about Nurturing Us


My love and blessings as I share this beautiful message of support by the divine feminine.



Greetings and blessings of love my dearly beloved family of light weavers and love weavers, rainbow bridges of divine light. It has been quite sometime since I have given my message through Jose. He has had his journey and has been in training and I have been there supporting him through every action and through every word.

Today he has cleared so much pain and is finally ready to once again accept my love and divinity exactly as I mirror it to him. Life as you know it is coming to a complete change and many of you are being prepared to welcome the new energies and the new reality and your new time in this wondrous existence called life. With each and everyone of you who accepts life you are all accepting the new light.

My main message today is that of motherly love and the nurturing energies that are also at the disposal of the entire planet. You are all about to be embraced by massive waves of energies and it is at this time that the love of your divine mother is now being made available more than ever. You need to be loved and nurtured through your process of growth and here as a representation of divine feminine as the White Tara am bringing you my love and support.

Your hearts are ready to be nurtured to the fullest capacity of your divine creators and many of us are embracing you all with our love and our deepest support. Know you aren’t alone in this process and know you are being of great service to the All,and for that very reason the All is now here to nurture you.

The call has been heard, we know you need to be loved and nurtured as you welcome the new Earth. Many have answered that called but specially your eternal Mother is fully here to love you and protect you with the absolute care and love that only a divine mother can know and give.

Free your hearts and your minds and be at peace in the knowing that you are all safe in the loving embrace of creation itself. You are all blessed by the love of everything and everyone for your great service in taking the gargantuan task of uplifting the entire creation through your ascension in unity with your mother Gaia.

We Know being in separation from your true source hasn’t always been easy and yet you persevere and are strong in your resolve to see things through. Remember separation is only an illusion from our perspective but very much real to you living within it,and because of that we commend your progress and your power to move forward no matter what. You are powerful as the masters realizing yourselves as love source.

Remember unity is only a heart away. Open your hearts and welcome the unifying love of the All and be in oneness with who you are. New Earth is your home and your rightful inheritance for a job well done.
For those of you who wish to feel the nurturing love, simply go within your hearts and call upon the infinite love of the holy divine Mother. You will be fully blessed as you call and accept her gift of love.

Eternally loving you with the passion of the Divine Mother.



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