Peace is who we are, holy creators speak

Blessings my dear family. Enjoy the love and the energy contained here in.


After the 8th of July when I worked with the Holy Creators and we managed to brake away a level of 3d reality, two days later on the 10th it was my turn for that very same aspect to be broken within me. It wasn’t a pretty picture in the sense that I had to face yet again another layer of my shadow selves. It was an intense and liberating experience.

Now on this very day the 19th of July the day before the five waves of universal and cosmic energy embrace us, I’m processing another layer of release. I’m releasing myself from the old, from caring to the point where I felt I needed to control. My greatest intentions where taken wrong even by those who are very dear to me. They allowed me to see and mirror another layer of pain as I cleared that very exact pain from Mother Earth herself. Yes I am that powerful, as are all of you reading this.

Which leads me to say this, don’t ever allow anyone from the new age and light workers reality to tell you it is wrong to experience so called negative emotions. They fear those emotions thinking it will bring their frequencies down, and yes in some ways it does but that is only a step taken back to jump ten steps forward. Experience the emotions but do not become the emotions, and realize and remember that those emotions aren’t pointless and that you are experiencing them because you are one of the many helpers clearing them at a planetary level. When you remember that know that you can easily release that pain, that anger, that’s frustration and pat yourselves for being of such wonderful service to the All. Mother Earth gives you her gratitude and her love.

I say this again, five days from now ending on the 24th we will be hit by five major tsunamis of cosmic metamorphic energy. During this period of time be kind to yourselves and know that as more light shines upon us the more darkness will become visible because It is running out of places to hide. During this time be mindful of your thoughts and emotions but please do not feel any shame or guilt for any of them but instead transmute them to your highest light.

From the 25th to the 28th of this very month after the tsunamis of reality changing energy embrace us we will have an amazing window for change. This reality is on it’s last leg and these days will serve as a door to peace within ourselves. Love and peace is our true hearts desire.

Peace is to be mirrored all over the world. Go within your hearts and each day if possible send all the love and visualize the flower of life to uplift the energy all over the world. Humanity is ready for peace, and by concentrating on peace and only love we will shine the most light.

The old time is collapsing and the new time being birthed and as we embark on this wondrous new reality life will begin to unfold beautifully. We are simply welcoming the new child being born and as the pains of labor become stronger the miracle of life will be revealed. Let’s welcome the New Miracle!!

Holy Creators

We bless you on this day of monumental change our beloved family. We are here to cheer you on and to also inform you change as it is happening now is soon to cease and you will be brought into the new reality of joy. Yes, life is to be loved, cherished and welcomed.

The tables have finally turned and the old ways will soon be no more. War and rumors of war are at their peak and that only mirrors the inner war taking place. Settle your waters our beloved family and know you are peace and remember you are love. Be active in your peacefulness and remember that there are those who chose to be at the forefront of change by being physically involved in protests, in war and in chaos but many more of you chose to hold the light and to shine the light. We bless you all and say this, those who are holding and shining the light are the iceberg under the surface and you are in powerful ways uplifting this reality to its greatest light. You are uplifting it until it is no more and the new Miracle of joyful existence is manifested.

Make the best use of the light being offered to you and find your strength even in your vulnerable moments. You are powerful change and you are shining with a light so bright the entire cosmos is in awe. Be relaxed and In joy and yet never cease to be the brightness needed to transmute all that needs to change into the very best!

As you pass through eye of the needle all that is not of service any more shall be replaced by light. As that happens be kind to yourselves. There is light waiting there to welcome you.

Happy trails and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

We are offering this symbol which will help you magnify the waves of light entering your reality. Through it you can increase your capacity to hold and to give of your light without actually taking away from you.

The key is : Cha Ki Se Om



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    Thank you Holy Creators through friend Jose… this is greatly INspiring 🙂 And thank you for the new symbol… I’ll lovingly add it to my collection 😉

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