Redefining life is simple


I’ve had to experience the greatest feelings of being alone, feeling small and insignificant to realize who I truly am. Recently I received a gift from Sanat Kumara. He gave me a blank piece of paper and said ” Here write your own destiny. ” Today a great quantum leap has begun, and today I have caused a rift in the time space continuum. How many of you will join me in shattering this old illusion?



Embracing our humanity with our godliness is the only way to transcend and transmute the old patterns, the old thinking and to behave as the magnificent beings we really are. Earlier as I was talking to a friend of mine I felt how the inner god wishes to realize and to un suppress and decompress himself. We are taught from the moment we enter this reality that we need to be small in order to fit in.

We are taught we need to be small to conform into a reality that is simply too small. We are certainly like the Houdini and the greatest contortionist of reality, beings so magical and powerful that we believe we are small. We become the veil in order to pull off the greatest magic trick of all. Creator beings believing themselves to be nothing more than a human form.

In the process of believing our own illusions we forgot the other side of this magical experience.Rather than fit into a reality that is simply too small for us to fit into, why not make the reality fit into us?
Ah! What a difference that will make. Humans behaving finally as creators, finally allowing their full potential to flow through. Imagine how all of reality will conform to our most benevolent and highest purpose.

Imagine the universe itself at your disposal, creation behaving like your canvas and it is you who can shape your every single moment consciously. All needs wants and attachments will simply cease to be as all would be answered. No more competition or lack and all would become pure divine flow and we would be the creators in our own image. That is what our divine creators intend for us!

The most beautiful landscape right before your very heart. A creation where only the highest most beautiful experiences can be lived. We have the power and the choice to live as such. Eons upon eons and it all boils down to this very moment.

A moment in time when we all wish to create a rift in the space time continuum. A moment when the shackles are realized as what they have always been, nothing but an illusion. Ah that moment when you realize you are a big smiling heart!

What is real here is our power and our true potential as Hu-Mans. Use your smiling hearts to feel the freedom of your true existence. Unzip this small bag and step into the real world. Hu-Manity realized!


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