We are the New


Mother Earth has become the hub for spiritual activity. There are waves after waves being integrated into the new reality being manifested. Each day brings the new and each day is the most beautiful day we can all experience in our wonderful existence. There is no need to be waiting for any particular day for it to be the most amazing in our lives, no need to wait for a 7/7/7 day being deemed as a gateway. We are the gateway, we are the bridges of reality, of the new reality and every moment we are gateways of light. We weave light and manifest it through our intentions.

In many ways we are accepting and becoming the true divine humans we were always intended to be. Remembrance is upon us. It is time to rejoice each and every moment, each and every minute that passes by and each moment we are experiencing can certainly be the eternal holy minute.

At any given time we have access to all the forces of creation. It is like being in the middle of a divine circle with 360 degree sight. Nothing is separate and all is happening simultaneously. Our direct attention and intention combined with the power source of human beings, the ascended heart we can have access to the flow of creation.

I will say this, if focusing on any particular number or date helps you focus on a powerful intention and that works for you please do use it as a way to manifest your new reality. Also do know each and every day can have such a powerful numerology and power to manifest because we are remembering we are the master creators. Our existence is a beautiful one and we are packed with so much light which we can easily bring forth. For each and everyone of us light weavers who open our hearts and hold the highest intention we uplift the equivalent of 100 people seating in meditation for a century. We are indeed powerful and our focus manifests the new reality.

I see and feel the New Earth as it manifests moment by moment, in fact it is through shift in perception when we can all witness our magical, beautiful home. Let’s all light weavers focus our highest intention in shattering the remaining vestibule of 3D reality. Now only peace can bring peace, only love can manifest our highest existence.

We have entered an uncharted part in our existence where there really isn’t a reference point. When I hear about different dates given the term gateway this or Metatron gateway that all I perceive is the wave being separated from the ocean. I’m sure in the past I have been guilty of such labeling. The wave and the ocean are as one and if someone tells you ride the wave of energy, you are indeed riding the entire ocean and so labeling really does take away from the power being received and being experienced. Every day is a gateway, a gateway into the next day but in essence we are always in the eternal now. In a recent communication I was told by the dolphin consciousness about how they carry the Sacred Heart of the Eternal Now, and how they are passing it on to humans with each wave of dolphin pods that leaves our Mother Earth. Point being we are constantly within all of the movements of creation itself. Every single moment is a magical moment and we can use it all to our greatest advantage.

Open yourselves to the ascended heart waiting to be embraced. We are the door and we are the key. Step forth in the new you. You are the new you!



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