Absolute Radiance is a choice


When humans realize and learn that life, love, enlightenment, spirituality are a state of being and not a destination and not something to wait for, happiness will spring from their hearts. Simplicity is one of the greatest tools we can master. Life is simply magnificent and the greatest teacher there is.

Humans have waited for so long for infusions of light, for the universe to align, for god to uplift them and to bless them. Yes all of that has helped and made things easier, but all it takes is the simple acceptance of the greatest state of beingness. Being in complete awe and in a state of grace can help anyone overcome the greatest challenges. The point of separation becomes nothing but an illusion and life flows and glows with the brilliance of a thousand suns all within our very essence.

There is an eternal flow easily reached within our very own hearts. It is within our hearts that we posses the greatest and the absolute definition of reality. There we can recognize the false reality and through the heart we can shatter all that does not serve us well.

Journeying through the entrails of illusion we get caught up, we forget who we are. We identify with pain, with fear within a room full of mirrors and false reflections. We always have a choice and even within a room full of mirrors we can always reflect back the greatest love. We are our own existence, our own illusion and our very own saviors. When looking in the mirror we can reflect back the divinity we are.

We can save and release ourselves from ourselves, from the need to embrace that which is not. We have the choice, we are the choice. We can exist in both places at once and we can be just as joyous. Nobody said reality had to be painful as unreal as it seems.

If we are to exist within illusion why not make the choice to bring love and the absolute truth within this illusory realm since after all love is only a veil away. The greatest key to life and to exist at every level, real and unreal is to feel, to experience and to know the only truth that is absolute. A truth in the knowing that we are part of everything and we are light within love. Everywhere we exist only pure divine love is true reality. We are indeed the absolute radiant.

Are you in pain, in fear, in anger? Remember we are responsible for our own happiness. Happiness is always within.
Simply snap your fingers with the intention to know the absolute truth. Release the hold you have on false emotions and see yourself in your truest form, light engaged in the greatest dance with love.

Find your rhythm and there you shall find yourself!!

The symbol below is a gift of light. Embrace yourselves with your true essence and may your journey be one of simplicity and empowerment.



  1. Maria Sat Prakash says

    “…pure divine love is true reality.” The symbol to me expresses a flow, the dance of the universe … True insight Jose. Blessings to you and your love, Elle. Both of you are an inspiring couple, great teachers. Sat Nam!

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