Unifying life within us

Life what a journey. It can be our greatest shit hole or our greatest heavenly existence. I’m choosing heaven.




Intention and attention are very liberating aspects. Reaching nothingness through complete neutrality, simply amazing.
I have faced the darkest darkness and there I found myself. There I loved myself.
I have lived and loved the brightest light and there I found myself. There I loved myself.

Human consciousness is simply amazing when the desire to control is removed. In that instant we enter the super fluid flow of time. It is within time and space the soul and the spirit reside and it is there existence takes place.

Father and Mother created the super highways of communication and travel so that we may explore the grandest existence there is. In that space we mirror the divine, there we know the divine, there we are the divine. Within that space everything exists. The answer to everything is there. The past, present and future behaving as one, one containing and creating the other. The greatest solution lives there. Our consciousness and even our cellular structure contain it all. We have the answers, we are the answers to all.

The meaning of life, existentialists, reality, grids, illusions, the game we are it! We have the key within us. You wish to know the meaning of life, simply look within and there you will find happiness.

The greatest joy ever found is the joy of self. Be the self, love the self, transcend the self. Loving the self in the eternal now is the absolute greatest gift we can give ourselves and through that watch your reality unfold and you will find yourself surrounded by complete love.
God him/herself will be loving you.

Within the space of the human heart chakra, behind there is the soul matrix, within the place of the sacral chakra there is the seat of the soul, by connecting them and asking to tap into time and space you shall meet yourself within yourself.
The answers have been there all along. The key to intuition, the key to loving the self, to loving life and to loving humanity, to loving the all it is all there within us in a sacred and really tiny place. As you enter that tiny space the universe unfolds and you can see infinity dance within your cells. Welcome you have now unified life.

In a creative state of knowing Love appears before me and whispers Divine words to the heart ” I am in the heart of God your Eternal Home “. I Am.


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